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Introducing Network Analyzer

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Network Analyzer offers an out-of-the-box  suite of always-on analyzers that continuously monitor GCE and GKE network configuration. These analyzers run in the background, monitoring network services like load balancers, hybrid connectivity, and connectivity to Google services like Cloud SQL. As users continually push out config changes or the metrics for their deployment changes, the relevant analyzers will  automatically surface failure conditions or suboptimal configurations.


Surfacing insights through Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer prioritizes and proactively surfaces insights to users at a project level or across multiple projects.


It identifies the root cause of the surfaced insight and provides a link to the documentation with recommendations to fix the insight.


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Network analyzer can help save ample time trying to figure out or troubleshoot issues related to networking and connectivity to Google cloud services. Thanks for sharing @seijimanoan 

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Thanks for sharing it @seijimanoan!

Indeed, as @Vick wrote, the Network Analyzer can help you/us save time. Your images are really helpful @seijimanoan