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Introducing the Infrastructure Moderators

Introducing the Infrastructure Moderators
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Let us introduce you to our Infrastructure Moderators:


Dickson Victor

Username:     vick



I am a passionate learner and a tech enthusiast. I love impacting and contributing to the knowledge of others. I feel a lot of fulfilment when I am able to help another person solve a challenge or fix a problem. After coming from a non-tech background and successfully pivoting into tech, I have learned to be empathetic and understand the pain-points of new learners or entrants trying to break into a tech career.

Company: NVIT- New Vision Institute of Technology 

Job Title: DevOps Engineer 


Seiji Manoan Seo

Username:     seijimanoan



My name is Seiji. I’m a 30-year-old dad of two based in Brazil. I have a BS in Management and an MBA in Cloud Computing. I have worked in IT for over ten years. I began with web development and simple automation scripts, and then went on to full-stack development, mobile, and infrastructure. In the past 3 years, I've had experience working for an investment broker, a logtech company, and a fintech company. Yes, I'm in love with GCP.

Company: Hash

Job Title: Site Reliability Engineer





Ashley Maloney

Username:     ashleymaloney








Ashley, a dedicated technology enthusiast, has been captivated by the wonders of the tech world since a young age. He started his programming journey with visual basic 6, gradually expanding to encompass C, web development using PHP, and ultimately delving into the realms of cybersecurity. This exploration sparked a profound admiration for Linux administration, which blossomed into a passion for cloud engineering approximately eight years ago.

Starting as a low-level DevOps engineer, Ashley's unwavering commitment to self-improvement propelled him through the ranks to eventually assume the prestigious position of Vice President of Cloud Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering. In this role, he had the opportunity to collaborate with Fortune 500 companies, aiding them in optimising their cloud platforms for enhanced performance and reliability.

With a firm belief in the power of knowledge sharing, Ashley also dedicated two years of his career as a Google Cloud trainer, offering guidance and training to organisations worldwide. This experience allowed him to witness firsthand the transformative potential of cloud technologies and their significant impact on businesses across the globe.

In 2022, Ashley co-founded Firney, a distinguished cloud consultancy driven by a vision to assist enterprises in embracing cloud-native approaches and cutting-edge technologies such as Kubernetes. Through Firney, he aims to empower businesses in their journey towards developing scalable, resilient, and efficient cloud-native applications.

Excited to be part of this esteemed technical forum, Ashley eagerly anticipates engaging with fellow enthusiasts, exchanging insights, and participating in vibrant discussions. His diverse expertise spans various facets of technology, including cloud computing advancements, cybersecurity strategies, and the intricacies of web development.

Join Ashley on this thrilling voyage, where together, we can shape the future of technology.

Company: Firney

Job Title: Director, Cloud Services

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@ilias , Thanks for the introduction. I'm happy to be part of, and volunteer with the @C2C Community Team

Thanks for having me💟💟💟

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It’s a pleasure to work with you @Vick 

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A huge “welcome!” to both of you, @Vick  and @seijimanoan! 😎

It’s really great to have you with us! 

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What a great moment 😁 Count me in 👍

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No worries @seijimanoan. I’m counting you, too 😉