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Low volume = High latency

  • 25 February 2023
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As a startup with a small number of users, one of our struggles with GCP has been latency. Cloud functions, gateways, and even pubsub are taking > 5 seconds. This is causing poor user experience, and timeouts from third party webhooks, etc.

We are finding ourselves needing to set min instance counts on functions, and run heartbeats on api gateways to keep them warm. (We haven’t yet solved the slowness with pubsub).

Is this par for the course? What have others experienced?


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4 replies

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I think it has to do with your configurations 

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Hey there!

I understand the serverless workload can have cold start. And it may have other issues like application boot time with dependencies etc. Look at instance concurrency.

The PubSub have some strategies: pull and push. It can push over HTTPS, or you can pull those messages in a worker. Or are you using any other trigger?


Ah! I found something interesting https://cloud.google.com/api-gateway/docs/gateway-serverless-neg

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Hello @andave. Was @seijimanoan’s answer perhaps helpful to your question? 😎 

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Hey! Plus, it has been new content with many tips from Google Cloud Tech like these


And many others. I hope any of them can be helpful or brings more insights. Please, also look over there.