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Modernizing with Kubernetes

  • 17 October 2021
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Hi everyone, I wanted to invite anyone with an interest in cloud native Kubernetes to connect and reach out directly. I am responsible for Product Marketing at Jetstack - a UK based cloud native software company that has achieved great success in the open source world as well as providing technical professional services for large companies that are in the midst of deploying cloud native infrastructure with GKE in the UK and US. 

I’ve been working with the C2C team on an upcoming talk on “Strategies for modernizing with Kubernetes”  which is based on our first hand experience of helping company migrate legacy infrastructure and we have some genuine insights for technical business leaders on this topic. 

I’m looking forward to connecting with many of you and sharing ideas.



2 replies

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Hi @RichardC!

Two things.

One, I change your post from question to conversation.

Second, Jetstack is based in the UK but you haven’t joined the UK & Ireland group. You can reach our Team Leaders @Fintan Murphy, @PaulRLees, and @andy.yates and discuss for future talks.

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You can register for the event below: