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  • 30 April 2023
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looking for recommendations and experience share for mulitcloud network connectivity between AWS and GCP. we do not have a DC on AWS and dont see a viable requirement for now with GCP connection. would like to heard if anyone had experiences with CloudVPN or 3rd party solutions - aviatrix/ megaport and how reliable/cost efficient it is with ease of operations. thanks in advance.


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3 replies

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couldn’t you use only the GKE instead?

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I’ve already worked with Cloud VPN HA and Cloud Interconnect Partner.

  1. It is IMPORTANT to keep the IP address range unique for your subnets. Avoid any “IP overlap” in mind.
  2. You can have a Transit VPC in between. But pay attention for #1.

You can go with standalone VPC or Shared VPC. The former is simpler. The latter can help you to scale up when needed with many newly projects and business growth.

So the interesting questions:

  1. Is it for batch? Like ETL jobs.
  2. Is it for stream? Like transactional app.
  3. Budget with data transfer? Network latency? HA? Fault tolerant?

I think you don’t need it done by now. But you can make it ready for.

In certain HA architecture, you’d need 2x Customer Gateway to connect to 1x Cloud VPN. Yeah, Google Cloud VPN HA sounds more powerful.

Ps. Some people buy some “compliance software” on it, but I see it depends on:

  • The business type - how many networks are we talking about?
  • Some network engineering - any BGP-sh issue with on-premise datacenters etc?

Ps. Also some people would recommend you to use Istio for multicloud. I know the Anthos has support for GKE fleet and multichoud network. Check it out.

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Thank you for a thorough answer, @seijimanoan !


@Mverick_Cloud , was @seijimanoan ‘s answer helpful to you? 🙂