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New Cloud Armor features

  • 1 July 2022
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🎉New Cloud Armor features including rate limiting, adaptive protection, and bot defense


General Availability of new capabilities in Cloud Armor that can greatly improve the security, reliability, and availability of deployments, including:

  • Per-client rate limiting with two new rule actions: “throttle” and “rate_based_ban”;
  • Bot management with reCAPTCHA Enterprise; and
  • Machine learning-based Adaptive Protection to help counter advanced Layer 7 attacks

Also, we are announcing the availability of new Cloud Armor features in Preview, including:

  • Updated preconfigured WAF rules based on CRS 3.3, and
  • Network-based threat intelligence to help block known bad traffic 

These new capabilities help provide enterprise-ready DDoS protection and web application firewall (WAF) solutions at planet-scale for our customers’ workloads, be they located on-premises, in colocation, or in any public cloud.


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1 reply

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Great news!