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PHP on App Engine experience

  • 6 June 2021
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I wanted to share our experience of misjudgment on App Engine by me and my development in one of the projects we worked on. For most of the web based projects we use App Engine for hosting. We deploy multiple services on it like website, API and other supporting services. 

In 2016 I used CodeIgniter 3 and customized it to run on App Engine. I wrote about that in my personal website and to this date it was the most visited page.

We then moved on to Laravel 5 and I accepted developers suggestions and approved it for use and it was all ok until we developed a project on Laravel 7 and the application was very slow and not matter how much we optimize it no fruitful results were yielded for it.

After discussion with my developers I found out that they thought the community documentation is an official documentation by Google and hence they switched to Laravel. They showed me this documentation.

I explained to them that this is not official endorsement from Google for Laravel to run on App Engine. I think the only official framework I have seen that Google has supported for App Engine is Django. I am now switching to Django. This is an official documentation and not community documentation.

Also it is good to remind the developer that it is ok to not use latest version if it is does not support your infrastructure requirements. In our case for Django we are using Python 3.7 and not 3.9 as App Engine supports 3.7 and 3.9 very recently deployed to App Engine.


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In the case of Python, in standard env for non 1st-gen runtimes you can use any WSGI-compatible framework:

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Thank you. That is good to know.

How to get GCP certificate.

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Hi Vinod,

I cleared Google Cloud Associate Engineer. I recommend you signup for this course and learn from it. If  you have experience in Google Cloud then try to learn from website by doing hands-on lab.


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Hi @hthirukkumaran!

I’m glad to see that you question has already been solved.


Hi @vinod.p.mane!

As @hthirukkumaran already mentioned, you can learn from the official courses of the Google Cloud Learning team at either PluralSight or Coursera. You can also get your hands dirty with Qwiklabs.

Does this mean you had to port your App Engine app from PHP to Python? Wasn’t that a lot of effort? Or did you not want to stay on PHP 7?