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PostgreSQL interface for Spanner

  • 29 June 2022
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It’s now GA!


General availability of the PostgreSQL interface for Cloud Spanner. The PostgreSQL interface is available for no additional cost in all regional and multi-regional Spanner configurations.


The PostgreSQL interface is a new way to access Spanner. It combines the familiarity and portability of PostgreSQL with the unmatched scalability and fully managed experience of Spanner. Devops teams that have scaled their databases with brittle sharding or complex replication can now simplify their architecture with Spanner, using the tools and skills they already have. Because it’s PostgreSQL, you can be sure that the schemas and queries you write in Spanner are easily portable. And because it‘s Spanner, you can trust that it will grow with your business and development team. Try it out today using a new granular Spanner instance, starting at $65 USD/month, or as low as $40 USD/month with a three-year commitment.


PostgreSQL DDL and DML from psql


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1 reply

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