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PTR records for static IP assigned to GCP load balancer

We’re facing two odd (and related) problems:


  1. There doesn’t seem to be a way to establish a PTR record for our primary domain’s IP address, as it’s assigned to a GCP load balancer.
  2. A reverse lookup for the IP we’re using maps to a domain, and this domain provides a cached, persistent, NON-SSL, and Google indexed version of our side, none of which can be Good.

Has anyone had any experience with either of these issues?



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Hi @beanboxer , Welcome to the community!,

That is an interesting question, I’ve just ping some engineers at Google and some of our partners to see if they can provide an answer.


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Hello @beanboxer .


What are you trying to achieve?

hi @beanboxer can you share the IP here?


what are you trying to accomplish with setting the PTR record?

Check out BYOIP if that's possible. That would allow you to bring your own external IP’s to use in GCP which you can use on the LB. It may probably allow what you want to do with the PTR record. Check out the documentation and see.

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Hi @beanboxer,

As you saw @Alfons has connected you with 3 people.

It would be great if you could give us the details requested by @yuval and @stevemcghee and let us know if the documentation provided by @Ammett was helpful.

Thanks for the helpful notes, about. BYO IP is likely the _best_ way to go, but I’m not a fan of switching our IP address, so we’ll just live with things as status quo. - Matthew