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Recover VM boot disk with GCE Rescue

  • 3 November 2023
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Google Cloud is pleased to introduce the GCE Rescue tool, which allows you to boot a faulty instance in rescue (maintenance) mode and fix the instance boot.

GCE Rescue works by creating a temporary boot disk from a Linux image and attaching it to the faulty instance. This allows you to access the instance's files and filesystem and perform any necessary repairs. Once the repairs are complete, you can detach the temporary boot disk and reboot the instance in normal mode.

To use GCE Rescue, you will need to know the name and zone of the faulty instance.

You can check the video below for how you can use GCE Rescue tool:


Also, You can check the following link to see the GCE Rescue repository :

Life-raft rescue method:


1 reply

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Would be a great tool for sysadmins. Thanks for sharing @malamin