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Run Arm workloads on GKE

  • 13 July 2022
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🚀 Run your Arm workloads on Google Kubernetes Engine with Tau T2A VMs




Earlier today, we announced Google Cloud’s virtual machines (VMs) based on the Arm architecture on Compute Engine. Called Tau T2A, these VMs are the newest addition to the Tau VM family that offers VMs optimized for cost-effective performance for scale-out workloads. 

We are also thrilled to announce that you can run your containerized workloads on the Arm architecture using GKE. Arm nodes come packed with the key GKE features you love on the x86 architecture, including the ability to run in GKE Autopilot mode for a hands-off experience, or on GKE Standard clusters where you manage your own node pools. See the ‘Key GKE features’ below for more details.


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So happy that Ampere could help deliver this Game changing VM family to Google. Please feel free stop by our other discussion thread as well!