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Savings on Cloud Spanner

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Run production workloads for as low as $40/month 😀


Cloud Spanner is a relational database service that offers industry leading 99.999% availability, and near unlimited scale to handle even the most demanding of workloads.


With granular instance sizing, at a much lower cost you can still get all of the Spanner benefits like transparent replication across zones and regions, high-availability, resilience to different types of failures, and the ability to scale up and down as needed without any downtime. And with Committed Use Discounts,  the entry price for production workload further reduces to less than $40/month as you receive a 40% discount for a 3-year commitment.

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Cloud Spanner is a great solution for those working with relational DBs.

But, until now, it was very expensive. I have only met large companies that could afford the money. Now, I believe that more people will use it.

I’m curious to learn the numbers. To see if there will be an increase of Cloud Spanner usage.

Let’s check for it, maybe after 6 months @seijimanoan, shall we? 😀

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Thanks for sharing @seijimanoan, I like that Google is making the barrier to entry lower so more companies and individuals can leverage its services to run their workloads efficiently. 

@ilias , I agree with you that more people will be motivated to use it for their production workloads. 

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It’s exactly as you wrote it @Vick 

Google is making the barrier to entry lower so more companies and individuals

It was not possible for one person to use Cloud Spanner. I did it only for educational reasons. To check it, how it works, how long it takes… and then I deleted it immediately.