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Vertex.AI connection with private resources in shared VPC

  • 10 December 2021
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We are trying to create training job in Vertex.AI and we need to connect with resources in our shared VPC. Project in which we are creating this job is service project. We have VPC with private services access configured already. (as described in https://cloud.google.com/vertex-ai/docs/general/vpc-peering)

When we are trying to create a job and use this host network, we get a very generic error message:

Unable to start training due to the following error: Internal error encountered.

Everything seems alright and peering connection with private services is in active state.

Does anyone maybe have an idea where can we look for more information about this problem or maybe some guides or pointers that could help us?

7 replies

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Hi @domantas.giedraitis 

Have you read the documentation? Especially the Understand the custom training service and the Troubleshooting?

Here is the Vertex AI Support




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@ilias thanks for the references!

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Let me know if it helped

I know that you need an answer now. But for your information, we (the French group) are going to host an event with Priyanka Vergadia, on March, and she is going to talk about Vertex AI. Stay tuned and check our upcoming events.

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Still facing this problem.
Replicating issue with library provides some information for debugging: 

{"created":"@1639468107.514088362","description":"Error received from peer ipv4:","file":"src/core/lib/surface/call.cc","file_line":1064,"grpc_message":"Internal error encountered.","grpc_status":13}


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The only thing I can suggest from the message you receive is to change the end point you have. If you have it in us-west4 try europe-west2 or us-central1 or…

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Thanks, will do

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That’s great!

Let me know if it is resolved @domantas.giedraitis