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When did you write your first line of code?

  • 10 August 2021
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Upon reviewing the new Stack Overflow Developer Survey, one can see that writing code may be a young person’s game after all. Who here can challenge this assumption?


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My first line of code was around 1990 (Age 14)! In an Amstrad CPC464

A “hello world” program written in BASIC for that computer looked like this:

10 clear
20 print “Hello World!”

At that time you had to enumerate the lines because you couldn't move the cursor up and down.

If you forgot something, you needed to write a line with a new number, (e.g 15), if you wanted to write a command between lines numbered 10 and 20.

Of course, you should write your program on a cassette before turning off the computer because it hadn't a hard drive.

​​​​​​Age 14 in 1970 on a DEC PDP 8/L. (https://www.computerhistory.org/collections/catalog/X165.83)

Programming language: FOCAL

I/O: teletype.

Storage: Punched paper tape

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Wow wow!! There is so much combined wisdom in this thread!