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Building an Intentional Culture: C2C President Josh Berman Interviewed by Authority Magazine

For a November 2 conversation with Authority Magazine, C2C President Josh Berman (@josh.berman) sat down with Fotis Georgiadis to take part in the magazine’s regular interview series “How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies.” The high-level discussion generated a wealth of insights for business leaders as well as teams and individuals dedicated to nurturing a customer ecosystem, but Josh also threw in a few personal anecdotes to remind readers that he’s a peer as much as a decision-maker. Some highlights from the conversation include Josh’s top five recommendations for business leaders responding to disruption and his firsthand recollection of the growth of the community industry over the past couple of decades. Here’s a preview of what Josh had to say about C2C and the developing customer community space: “Everyone needs their customers’ feedback, advocacy, and I think everywhere, getting connected, staying connected, finding your peers, whether they work with you in a company or just do something similar in other companies, other industries, finding them and connecting to them is critical, especially as we’re all working from home, we’re working elsewhere. The need for community is stronger than it’s ever been. C2C is here for that reason: to fill that need for Google Cloud’s customer base.” Read the full interview here. Extra Credit:  

C2C Monthly Recap: October 2022

Each month, C2C shares the latest news from the team and the best highlights from all of you here in the community. Read on for the most essential C2C updates from October 2022. October is a busy time for Google Cloud—Googlers, partners, and customers alike finally get to hear all the latest and greatest announcements coming out of Google Cloud Next. And as the community for Google Cloud customers, C2C is dedicated not just to sharing these announcements, but to creating spaces for you and your peers to discuss them and how they can help you solve your technical and business problems. Google Cloud Next: The DoiT International Director’s CutAt the Google Cloud Next ‘22 DoiT Director’s Cut, longtime friends of C2C at DoiT International hosted an exclusive watch party in collaboration with C2C and Exabeam. Guests gathered early at Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar & Lounge in San Francisco for coffee and introductions before convening to view the keynote. Next, DoiT Head of Global Alliances, frequent C2C event participant, and noted yellow labrador owner Spenser Paul (@spenserpaul) hosted a breakout session with colleague and Field Services Manager Maddy Kepple to break down the many announcements from the Google Cloud leadership and customers. Finally, Exabeam Global Alliances Sales Director Chris Archinal led an interactive session about improving security outcomes through data analytics and automation. The keynote screened early on the West Coast, so the program concluded by lunch, but guests happily lingered afterward for catering from Executive Chef Jason Fox. PythianAt C2C Partner Pythian’s Next on the Road watch party in New York City, C2C President Josh Berman (@josh.berman) appeared onsite to co-host a session all about taking the barrage of information provided during the next keynote and, as Pythian CTO Paul Lewis puts it, “making it real.” Josh, Paul, and Sami Akbay of Google led a lively discussion with the attendees in the room, touching on everything from out-of-the-box AI and ML to paying for cloud services in cryptocurrency. “Josh did great,” said Paul. “He caught everything and he answered in an amazing way.”Read the full story at the link: Next Announcements at IntelIntel had a big moment at Google Cloud Next: they announced their C3 machine series powered by the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor and Google's custom Intel Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU). Learn more about this partnership in this virtual event recording. Chatting About Chat With SADAHere's one for our Google Workspace professionals and enthusiasts. Do you know how to get the most out of the chat app? Watch this recording to learn about everyday use cases and getting started. Looking for more? Browse All Articles   Trying to catch the wave of that energy? We're eager for more, and we hope you can join us as we add more cities to our list. Cloud Adoption Summit in LondonWednesday, November 30C2C's largest event yet, the Cloud Adoption Summit, features a full day's schedule packed with keynotes and breakout sessions. From broader cloud strategy lessons to detailed discussions of your choosing—like cybersecurity, cost optimization, or industry insights—we're holding a spot for you at the Google UK office. North AmericaMultiple DatesIf you're in the United States, you’ll have a few opportunities to get together with us at a C2C 2Gather! Our classic in-person events are in Austin (Thursday, November 3) and New York City (Thursday, November 10). Plus, our first face-to-face event for Google Cloud startups—Angels, Accelerators or Incubators - Which Should You Choose?—is happening in Sunnyvale, CA, on Tuesday, November 8. While we encourage you to get the most out of this event and network on-site with the C2C startups community, this event also has the option to sign up to virtually attend the panel discussion.These events are happening this week and next, so don't miss your chance to sign up! São PauloWednesday, November 9 - Thursday, November 10As we expand our team into Latin America with the help of C2C community managers @Alfons and @valdecir.carvalho, we're preparing to host a double feature in Brasil. These strategic 2Gather events in São Paulo include an option for the future of work at Culture and Collaboration and hybrid and multicloud at the SAP on Google Cloud Forum. If you can't join us in person, we have plenty of virtual connections coming up. Browse all our events to speak directly with presenters and share your thoughts openly with other C2C members.  Sign Up for an Event   ConversationsWe also want to highlight some other excellent conversations happening in the communities: Want to start connecting with the community? Start a Conversation   Of course, the beauty of everything we do is having one central place for all Google Cloud users to come together to solve problems, connect and re-connect, and get access to everything from C2C. We strive to continually improve the experience of our online community, so here's the latest on what we've delivered.Last month, we announced our new feature to find groups led by independent software vendors (ISVs). Learn more about these partners and click on their names to connect directly in their groups. AivenAiven provides fully managed open-source services like Apache Kafka®, PostgreSQL®, and OpenSearch®. Jump in and gain the insights you need to build innovative applications backed by the latest open-source technologies. Automation AnywhereWhat is intelligent automation? Automation Anywhere uses a combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI to deliver cross-industry solutions as the number one cloud automation platform. In this space, bring your intelligent automation questions and challenges directly to this partner filling this niche, yet crucial, answer to power up business processes. NetAppNetApp's data management solutions help customers reduce cloud storage costs and run scalable enterprise apps in Google Cloud. Learn from this partner to effectively tackle file sharing among Linux and Windows workloads in Google Cloud while optimizing storage to cut cloud costs. Palo Alto NetworksPalo Alto Networks is the world's cybersecurity leader. They innovate to outpace cyber threats so that organizations can confidently embrace technology. Whether you're deploying their products to enable the Zero Trust Enterprise, responding to a security incident, or partnering to deliver better security outcomes through a world-class partner ecosystem, Palo Alto Networks is ready for community questions. Want to make sure you’re in the loop and don’t want to wait for these posts each month? Stay up-to-date on everything C2C by updating your profile and notification preferences so we can deliver you the most relevant news in real time.

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Introducing Intelligent Automation Everywhere With Shalini Mayor, Salesforce Senior Director of Enterprise Automation

Before Shalini Mayor (@smayor) brought her background in automation to leadership roles in the private sector, she “almost became an astronaut.” As a subcontractor to NASA’s Langley Research Center, Shalini worked on various coding and algorithm development projects. She may have moved on from NASA before experiencing space travel, but much of her work as a director of Enterprise Automation at Salesforce is not unlike observing Earth from a distance. “With the explosive growth that you’ve seen at Salesforce, it’s very easy to get disconnected,” she told the crowd at a C2C 2Gather event in Sunnyvale, California. “Everything runs as a little startup within itself…when I was brought in, my primary role was to bring some structure to this madness.”“Since then we’ve been scaling out,” she continued, “trying to figure out ‘where do we have the most repetitive processes?’” Finance, HR, and IT operations are the major sites of repetitive processes at Salesforce, according to Shalini. What does it take to automate processes in so many different areas at a company with over 77,000 employees? In Shalini’s opinion, it takes more than just robotic process automation (RPA). “What we’re looking at really is a business process end to end,” she told Sunnyvale. “RPA is a small part of it. What about the rest of it? How do we reduce manual intervention in any process? How do we actually take that away so that it will just run?”To answer these questions, Shalini is thinking beyond the scope of the automation currently adopted at most organizations, sometimes back to the math and science she studied in graduate school as the basis for her education in AI and ML. “Anything that you look at all the way back down to the rudiment, it’s still exactly the same,” she said in an interview after the Sunnyvale event. Even though the extent of what’s possible with automation today is “mind-boggling,” the automations themselves are still based on the same linear algebra as the first AI and ML models Shalini encountered as a student. For Shalini, thinking about the foundations of automation makes it possible to look beyond RPA bots and straightforward rule-based models, incorporating approaches like decisioning and illuminating new opportunities. “What we’re looking at really is a business process end to end.” At Salesforce, these new possibilities include Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies like Google Cloud’s Document AI and other solutions in high demand at the company’s contact centers, which Shalini sees as high-priority contexts for automation use cases. Despite her enthusiasm for automation, however, Shalini is careful not to forget the human factor of workplace processes. She is not interested in reducing or combining job roles, as some workers fear executives may plan to do with automation in place. “If I can take some of these mundane tasks off people’s lists,” she told Sunnyvale, “that’s where the growth comes in.”This human factor is also what Shalini recognizes as the value of a customer community and open spaces for peer-to-peer discussion like C2C’s events. At Sunnyvale, she particularly appreciated “the fact that I could speak with so many people and help them learn something” and “learning that people are facing similar issues.” on November 10, 2022, Shalini’s colleague at C2C Partner Automation Anywhere, Vice President of Commercial Sales Ben Wiley, will appear alongside a diverse panel of guests to elaborate on some of what Shalini discussed in Sunnyvale, face-to-face, with a fresh group of Google Cloud customers and partners looking to automation to solve their business problems. To join them, use this link to register today. Extra Credit:  

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Community-Building and New Solutions at C2C's EMEA Next '22 Watch Parties

C2C Global did right by its name at Google Cloud Next ‘22: in addition to participating in partner-led events across the United States, the team also hosted three watch parties of its own in London, Paris, and Berlin. All three in-person events took place on October 11 in conjunction with the Next ‘22 Keynote, with C2C on staff greeting numerous distinguished guests from Google Cloud’s global customer community. Just like at the watch party C2C hosted with Pythian, the takeaways from the keynote inspired more conversation than any event program could contain. What made C2C’s events unique, as always, were the opportunities to share ideas and innovate in the room in real time.At the London event, Simon Dawson (@simonbdawson), Head of Engineering at Atom Bank, appeared alongside Google Cloud Infra and App Modernization Customer Engineer Andrew Feldman (@usernum-gcp) and two guests from NetApp: UK Country Manager Andrew McGlashan and Google Cloud Volumes Field CSA Leader Steve Winfield. Simon was more than pleased with his experience at the event. Having never before engaged with C2C, he was excited to be welcomed into the customer community. He was even more excited to be able to make connections with other customers that provided him with insights he could bring back to his team. “I connected with people from Aiven and from NetApp,” he said, “and I will follow up and work with Aiven, because we are using Apache Kafka, and they have a service that might be a solution for us.”Other guests echoed this appreciation for the community-oriented aspect of the event. “At other events, I felt like going to a supermarket to buy something, a product,” said John Samuel (@C2Csamuelj) of C2C partner Workspot. “But at your event, it felt like going for coffee with friends where we could talk about the things we like.” John is now planning to present Workspot to Frederico Costa, a Googler he met at the event.Staff and Guests atParis Next ‘22 Watch PartyThe casual feel John noted was also not exclusive to the London event. Alexandre Custenoble, a Data Engineer Manager who heard about C2C from L’Oreal Enterprise Architect and C2C France Team Lead Antoine Castex (@antoine.castex), shared similar sentiments. “It’s great to be able to talk about Google Cloud without having people trying to sell us anything,” he said.C2C’s team in France has a strong track record of bringing new Google Cloud customers into the C2C community. Antoine has arranged for C2C to host multiple events at L’Oreal’s office in Paris, and Team Lead Alan Muntadas (@alan.muntadas) has also hosted local gatherings for the C2C France community online and in person, including the Paris Next ‘22 watch party at the office of C2C partner Devoteam. The event brought Devoteam a wealth of new business contacts, some of which they had been chasing for months. “I have reached people I couldn't connect with before,” said Virginie Velten (@vvelten), Devoteam Head of Google Cloud Sales. Virginie specifically mentioned Carrefour, L'Oréal, Decathlon, Renault, and Adeo. “Thanks to your events I have done more business,” she said. “Not during the event, but because of the networking at the event. I have reached more people. People that I was trying to reach for six months.” “Other events felt like going to a supermarket to buy something. At your event, it felt like going for coffee with friends.” At the Berlin watch party, C2C welcomed three speakers from AppsBroker: Europe GmbH Sales Manager Oliver Karalus, CTO Khalil Dimachkie, and Solutions Lead Jon King. The event took place at a Google office with C2C partners assuming hosting roles, but as they had at the London and Paris events, the customers in the room enjoyed the full advantage of the closing networking reception. “I’ve met and connected with new people. I’m going to talk and work with Hendrik Schulz from Mercedes-Benz,” said Hartmut Loesch (@Hardy), Business Development Director at AMB Software GmbH. “My company can help them.”Berlin Next ‘22 Watch PartyBeyond new connections, for guests like Hartmut and Virginie, a standout benefit of C2C membership is the ability to be part of a living community and build relationships that become another resource for a growing professional. “Thanks to you, to your events, I learned where to start for my Google Cloud Certification, and which resources to use, and I know that I can always ask questions and get an answer back,” said Hartmut. First-time C2C guests at the watch parties are looking forward to building the same kind of relationship with the community. “Your event was well organized, with quite a lot of people and traffic on social media,” said Simon Dawson. “I will be there at your next in-person event for sure.” Extra Credit:  

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Making the Conversation Real at Pythian's Next on the Road Watch Party

The Google Cloud Next ‘22 Opening Keynote was the headline event across the tech universe on Tuesday, October 11, with watch parties hosted by Google itself, Google partners, and C2C taking place simultaneously in all different regions of the globe. In addition to standing up three watch parties in EMEA, C2C also participated in multiple partner-led events, including Pythian’s Next on the Road watch party in New York City, where C2C president Josh Berman (@josh.berman) appeared as a speaker alongside Pythian CTO Paul Lewis and Google Data Analytics Product Manager Sami Akbay. The three hosted a session called The Data Points: Key Take-aways from Google Cloud Next Keynote, which offered just that: a digestible breakdown of the deluge of information delivered during the keynote address.The keynote itself included announcements from every corner of the Google Cloud ecosystem: a smattering of customer success stories, numerous new product introductions, and some major new company partnerships. The news ranged from predictable (new out-of-the-box low- and no-code AI and ML models) to unexpected (a partnership with cryptocurrency trading app Coinbase). After an hour of new developments to process, guidance from leaders like Josh, Sami, and Paul came as a relief to the guests in the room.Some key points from the discussion included projections about the business value of new AI tech. Josh pointed out that C2C research indicates AI is still “look but don’t touch” for a lot of companies. Sami offered stats to support this point: 80% of Google developers have active AI projects, while 10% believe they’re getting their desired value from these projects. A deeper dive into the Coinbase partnership also ignited some debate in the room between crypto skeptics and partisans who would happily take advantage of the option to pay for cloud services in crypto. “I think Josh did great,” said Paul. “The way I moderate, they were ill-prepared with any of the content. I come out with content… It’s a little tougher to be on the stage because of that, but I think he caught everything and he answered in an amazing way.”Guests connecting between sessions atthe Pythian Next on the Road watch partyMoments of humor also helped the group take everything in. Calling out Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s recorded segment of the keynote, Paul tossed off a short bit about Sundar’s elusive persona. Is Sundar himself an AI Google developed to play the part of a CEO in public? One guest suggested he might be a hologram, like the 3D likeness of Tupac that made its stage debut at Coachella 2012. Josh joined in as well. After a quick review of a customer story from Ford, he threw out a fun fact: Jim Farley, the Ford CEO who appeared in the keynote, is late comedian Chris Farley’s cousin.Following the panel with Josh and Sami, Paul invited Amit Gupta, VP of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at Sotheby’s, April Johnson, Global Head of Change at Thoughtworks, and Karl Havilland, CEO of Nearly Human, for a deep dive into wins and lessons learned. The conversation rehashed many of the points raised during the keynote, but from a broader perspective including April’s background in change management and Karl’s as the CEO of a younger startup. The guests offered some more candid comments during a comparison of cloud native and cloud agnostic business approaches, which Paul considered one of the moments that made the conversation real for the audience.“I think the conversation on cloud agnostic versus cloud native was an interesting conversation,” he said. “I honestly don’t think there is a conclusion. I think it is pretty situational. Will it ever be native, no, because there’s competition. All clouds are different.”April’s Thoughtworks colleague Andy Yates (@andy.yates), an early active C2C member who traveled from London to attend the event in a vintage C2C hoodie, also found the customer panel particularly valuable. “It’s about bringing different perspectives, bringing together people from different domains,” he said. “That last panel was a great example, actually, which brought three very different customers, three different views on things, who were able to––along with the audience––synthesize that into a real understanding that we can take home to our businesses and think about how we’re going to make the most of these announcements. That is much more useful to me than watching presentations at home, and then trying to connect with the online community afterwards to help make sense of it all.”Watch the full Google Cloud Next ‘22 keynote address below:  Extra Credit:  

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C2C Monthly Recap: September 2022

Each month, C2C shares the latest news from the team and the best highlights from all of you here in the community. Read on for the most essential C2C updates from September 2022.  Following a summer break, the C2C EMEA team jumped right back into the fray of in-person events, rejoining old friends in Paris for more customer stories and networking as well as expanding the C2C landscape to Zurich, Switzerland. The stories shared at these events are valuable across many industry solutions being created with Google Cloud technology, but we also have a focus on having fun! ZurichAt 2Gather: Zurich, C2C’s first in-person event in the Alps region, the main topics of the day were the cloud implementation options Roche used to accelerate their get-to-market and the advantages of Google Cloud Database services. Google Cloud Principal architect Andreas Heidekrüger (@aheidekrueger) moderated a fireside chat featuring two representatives of customer F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG: Analytics Chapter lead Tomislav Ilicic (@Ilicict) and Program Manager Dominik Berroth (@Dominik). Data Analytics Customer Engineer Nic Gibson (@nicgibson) followed up with a focused look at Database Services. As always, the networking reception following the program opened the field for numerous customer-to-customer connections. Google Cloud Customer Engineer Dominik Steiner (@DominikSteiner) joined several customers in attendance for exploratory discussions breaking down various challenges faced and overcome. “It was a great possibility to give customers a platform,” he said. ParisJust a few days after breaking ground in Zurich, the C2C team was pleased as always to return to Paris for a 2Gather event led again by C2C France team leads Guillaume Blaquiere (@guillaume blaquiere), Group Data Architect at Carrefour, and Antoine Castex (@antoine.castex), Group Data Architect at L’Oreal. Customer speakers included Cyrille Doumenq of Renault Digital and Adeline Villette of Decathlon Technology, and ADEO Tech Leader Matthieu Cornillon also led a session exploring the company’s partnership with C2C partner Aiven to accelerate its native cloud strategy. “The event was very good. What I particularly liked was the ‘C’ part of the ‘C2C’ and listening to the experience of true practitioners talking to other practitioners,” said Jonathan Jowett (@jjowett), Director of Strategic Alliances at Redis EMEA. “The challenge now is to get the community of end customers to grow and gain momentum,” he added. “From my perspective, this would be a great forum to try and encourage our customers to come to and present at too.” Looking for more? Browse All Articles   Trying to catch the wave of that energy? We’re eager for more, and we hope you can join us as we add more cities to our list. Google Cloud Next Watch PartiesTuesday, October 11The biggest Google Cloud event of the year is only a few weeks away. We’re gathering together for live streams of the Next keynote to learn about the future of Google Cloud.London Paris Berlin San Francisco (DoiT Director’s Cut) Next on the Road with Google Cloud PartnersWe aren’t the only ones preparing for the announcements—check out what some of our partners are doing! Plus, you might even catch a cameo from C2C President @josh.berman if you are able to join Pythian’s event in person.New York City with Pythian New York City with SADA Sunnyvale with Palo Alto NetworksBrowse all our events to speak directly with presenters and share your thoughts in open conversation with other C2C members.  Sign Up for an Event   ConversationsWe also want to highlight some other excellent conversations happening in the communities: Want to start connecting with the community? Start a Conversation   Of course, the beauty of everything we do is having one central place for all Google Cloud users to come together to solve problems, connect and re-connect, and get access to everything from C2C. We strive to continually improve the experience of our online community, so here’s the latest on what we’ve delivered. Events FinderThe world is big, as is Google Cloud. So for our global community of Google Cloud users, we want to help navigate the sea of information and opportunities available. When you browse through C2C events, try one (or both) of these new features:Filter by event type to find the best setting—virtual or in-person—for you. Filter by tags including Google cloud solution area and other hot topics, when available, based on upcoming events. Change the view between list and calendar. Para (l)a GenteSpeaking of global reach: C2C is live in Latin America! From our summer activities in São Paulo to our first Spanish-language event last week, we’re doing everything we can to build dedicated groups to support your conversations and community where ever you are.Junte-se à comunidade para o Brasil Únete a la comunidad para LATAM (Español) Connect with ISVsOne other new feature on the Connect page is a filter for groups led by independent software vendors (ISVs). The ISV groups give you a space to bring your questions and challenges directly to our partners, including Aiven, Automation Anywhere, NetApp, and Palo Alto Networks.If you are part of an ISV and are interested in partnering with C2C to lead a group, reach out to marcy.young@c2cglobal.com. Want to make sure you’re in the loop and don’t want to wait for these posts each month? Stay up-to-date on everything C2C by updating your profile and notification preferences so we can deliver you the most relevant news in real time.

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Next on the Road Preview: An Interview with Pythian CTO Paul Lewis

On October 11, 2022, Google Cloud and C2C Global partner Pythian will be participating in the “Next on the Road” series of watch parties for the Google Cloud Next ‘22 keynote address and announcements. C2C President Josh Berman (@josh.berman) will co-host the event with Pythian CTO Paul Lewis, a regular participant in C2C events and content. The event will include a welcome lunch, a screening of the Next ‘22 keynote, a discussion of the takeaways from the keynote hosted by Josh, a session on Pythian’s 2022 wins and lessons hosted by Paul, and a closing networking reception. We caught up with Paul in advance of the event to discuss his hopes, expectations, and predictions for the event and the broader Next ‘22 program. Read our conversation below. There’s so much programming around Next: from Google, but also from the many partners hosting watch parties. What for you is really going to make this event experience unique? I think it’s the make-it-real aspect. It’s always interesting to hear the keynote and get a full appreciation for where the Google advancements are going to be, or their strategy potentially on acquisitions, or at least incorporating those acquisitions into the organization, into the framework, but the goodness comes from, well, what does all this mean for me? How do I take the announcement I just heard and apply it to my actual application infrastructure strategy? How do I look at my 2023 budget and say, “Should it be augmented based on what I heard, or does my architectural assumption differ because of what I just heard, and what’s the double-click? Not just what it means to me, but what’s the impact to my strategy going forward?” The reality is, the announcements create excitement, but the real work starts now. Looking forward to the keynote, obviously that’s going to be a big draw. What are you expecting as someone who’s been a Google partner for a long time and has a real stake in what’s going to be announced? What are you hoping to hear? What are you expecting to hear? Imagining? I think I’m looking forward to evolution on a few fronts. Front number one: security. They just completed their acquisition, and now they’re going to say, “Well, here’s my holistic security set of offerings.” In fact, we might even hear an evolution of the security pillar to, say, it’s not just either application- or data-centric security, but maybe it goes beyond that. Maybe it goes in networking, in infrastructure and PII, privacy. That would be an interesting foray. Data protection. How do I empower the Chief Information Security Officer? How do I make them my primary buyer? That would be an interesting evolution on the security side.I’d also like to see the evolution of the Google data foundation work. Let that be a primary architectural design, and then everything else they’re going to build on top of that, things like Cortex, things like specific industry solutions from core systems ERP all the way to visualization and Looker. Show me those assets I’ll be able to download from the marketplace, or secondary assets so that I can create out-of-the-box solutions that I can now augment to what makes sense for me personally. That’s number two.Number three I think is innovation. Innovation in AI, innovation in ML, innovation in cognitive, all of the new. Here’s what we spent time and energy on in 2022 that is now going to be available in 2023 for you to consume, so I don’t need you to be an expert in doc AI. I want an easy way for you to consume that and apply that to your actual business problem, and by the way, here’s 15 examples of it working effectively. Last time we spoke, we were promoting an event where you were speaking specifically about AI solutions. We just published a survey of our membership, and one of the big insights was that while AI and ML are not the technologies most users are working with right now, they’re number one in terms of the technologies they’re expecting or hoping to implement in five years, in three years, next year. How specifically do you think AI and ML is going to figure into that innovation forecast for the coming year? I think what won’t be true is more development platforms for creating ML algorithms. Because I think that is difficult to consume. What’s much more easy to consume is out-of-the-box, downloadable, industry specific algorithms that I can apply. So, how do I make it really easy to train? How do I make it really easy to infer? How do I make it really easy to implement within my application process? That’s where I think we’re going to see the value there. They’re going to say in your IEE, in your BigQuery configuration, even in your Looker dashboards, you should be able to apply out-of-the-box marketplace algorithms and make your modifications for it to suit your purpose. So a lot of low-code and no-code? Exactly. While I philosophically don’t believe no-code low-code will displace code––there’s always a reason why there’s code––I think it’ll be a much more dramatic use for things like data analytics going forward. We’re very excited that Josh is going to speak. I’m interested in why it was important for you to have Josh involved. What are you hoping that he’s going to bring to the conversation with the rest of the Pythian universe? It’s the making-it-real conversation. The value of C2C is to say, well, I want to have conversations with my peers. I want to network within the community, and Josh in effect is representing the community in that room. I want to be able to take what we just heard and say making it real means of the eight things we heard, four things are way more important than they might have suggested, and these four things are the ones that are going to contribute the most to changing the value of the CIO, changing the value of IT, shifting IT from being an order-taker to a value provider. That’s the real-time feedback we want to provide to the crowd, and then when we say, “Okay, here’s the four that we think will provide the most value,” let’s then take that conversation to the next step and say, “How does it feel for you, individual CIO?” There’s going to be a session with Josh, and then there’s also going to be a session that you’re leading, which is about your wins and lessons of the past year. It’s interesting to me that at a watch party for Next you’re making the point of taking time to look back and assess what’s really worked up to this point. Why that choice? Why last as well as Next? Because so much of what happened this year affects my strategy for next year. And the biggest, of course, is talent. I lost a decent amount of talent. I am trying to innovate, which requires new skill sets. What am I going to do to acquire or upscale or rescale the talent that I have in order to implement what we just heard? So give me a sense of what capabilities you have, or that you missed. Give me a sense of the value you produced within cloud that you didn’t think you achieved the goal on. Let me get a sense of the investment you want to do in analytics, where it might provide value to you in 2023. Because arguably 2022 was a growth year. It was not unlike in sports. It’s preparing for the championship in the following year. Nobody was winning awards in 2022, because of all those macroeconomic impacts, but now that you’ve prepared for that, where are the banners coming from in 2023? So the wins from last year were preparation for wins in the coming year. Exactly. Do you have any parting thoughts before we leave? I think it’s going to be a great event, personally. I think we’re going to have a lot of people, and the big thing we added to the end was “Birds of a feather” tables. What we really want to do is have people come together not necessarily on tech. While there might be a couple tech tables, industry I think is going to be way more interesting. Let’s get a couple retail together, a couple banking together, a couple manufacturing together. Let’s talk about what we heard and how it impacts us as an industry. And yes, if you want to know a little bit more about BigQuery, that conversation will also occur. It’s a good mix in the room. We’re going to see executives and practitioners and partners and middle ground. I think everybody’s going to be in there, which I think will make for a fun event. Extra Credit:  

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Building for Scalability, Block by Block: An Interview with Carrefour Links CTO Mehdi Labassi

When I ask Mehdi Labassi (@Mehdi_Labassi), CTO of Carrefour Links, what he does outside of work, the first thing he mentions is his family. Mehdi spends a lot of his free time playing with his kids. Sometimes they play video games on Nintendo Switch, but they also enjoy hands-on activities like building with Legos. Lego is a popular interest among tech practitioners building products on Google Cloud––after all, the four letters in “Lego” can also be used to spell “Google.” This connection turns out to be a fitting point of departure for an examination of Mehdi’s journey to a decision-making role on the technical team at Carrefour Links.Mehdi began his career as a software engineer, working first in air travel and then moving on to Orange, “the one major telco in France.” At Orange, Mehdi led the company’s Google Cloud skills center and took part in a major migration to Google Cloud from a historically on-premises infrastructure. “We had a really strong on-prem culture, so we had our own data centers, our own Hadoop clusters with thousands of machines, and the shift to cloud-based services was not something natural,” he says. “There was a lot of resistance, and we needed to really show that this gives us something.”Proving the value of the Cloud to a historically on-prem organization required zeroing in on a specific technical limitation of the existing infrastructure: “As I was driving the big data platforms and the recommendations, I do remember we had a lot of issues in terms of scalability.” Google Cloud turned out to be the perfect solution to this problem. “Then we tried the Cloud, and we found that instant scalability,” says Mehdi. “That’s another level compared to what we had on prem, so this is really the proof by experimentation.” “You assemble and program the thing, and then you need to understand how each brick works.” When Carrefour introduced Carrefour Links, its cloud-hosted retail media and performance platform, in Spring of 2021, Mehdi was immediately interested in getting involved. He reached out directly to the executive team and joined as CTO three months after the company declared the platform. “I joined when the thing just got in production, the first version, the V1. That was kind of a proof of concept,” Mehdi says. In the time since––only a little over a year––the venture has grown considerably: “We have a lot more data from different verticals, everything that’s related to transactions, to the supply chain ecosystem, to finance, a lot more insights, and we are exploring machine learning, AI use cases… so we are scaling even in terms of use cases.”Even a fast-growing platform run on Google Cloud, however, will encounter challenges as it continues to scale. “The first thing is the ability to scale while keeping FinOps under control,” Mehdi says. As he sees it, this is a matter of “internal optimization,” something he believes Carrefour Links handles particularly well. “The second thing is how to provide what I call a premium data experience for our customers, because we are dealing with petabyte-scale pipelines on a daily basis, and however the end user connects to our data solutions, we want him to have instantaneous insights,” he adds. “We leverage some assets and technologies that are provided by Google Cloud to do this.”These are challenges any technical professional managing products or resources on the cloud is likely to face. Overcoming these challenges is also what makes new solutions on the cloud possible. What competencies do IT professionals need to be able to overcome these challenges and pursue these solutions? According to Mehdi, “a good engineer working on the cloud, with this plethora of tools, he needs to be good at Lego.” Mindstorms, Lego’s line of programmable robots, he explains, require a lot of the same skills to build as machines and systems hosted on the cloud. “You assemble and program the thing, and then you need to understand how each brick works,” he says. “I really find a lot of similarities between these activities and what we are doing in our day job.” Extra Credit:  

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C2C Monthly Recap: August 2022

Each month, C2C shares the latest news from the team and the best highlights from all of you here in the community. Read on for the most essential C2C updates from August 2022.  The C2C team has been on the move! We’ve been unveiling a number of events with the help of our partners, Google, and other members who have joined us to share their journeys and connect with each other. The stories shared at these events are valuable across many industry solutions being created with Google Cloud technology, but we also have a focus on having fun! New YorkAt Google’s office in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market, C2C hosted a half-day event all about Google’s culture of innovation. Speakers from Google delivered interactive presentations on topics including Google’s core values and how to inform these values with the principles of DEI, culminating in an innovation workshop that prompted small groups to develop new products to meet emerging needs in the future of work. Afterward, an open networking reception catalyzed numerous customer connections. En Szu Hu-Van Wright of Chili Piper discussed virtual event planning with Boris Sotnikov (@bSotnikov), CEO of KraftyLab, and Kristian Smilenov (@kristian.smilenov) of Prime Holding made numerous new contacts, including Geoff MacNeil of Crowdbotics.“Typically when we talk to our customers, especially in a one-to-many format, it tends to be about product,” said Jessie Hochhalter, Google Cloud Global Culture & Recognition Lead. “So I really like the fact that we got to talk about the people, the processes, the culture, the DEI, those sorts of things, and not just talk about the product and what’s next with Google technology.” Read more below:  ChicagoC2C’s 2Gather event in Chicago––the first face-to-face event for the Google Cloud Customer Community in the Midwestern US––brought together speakers Paul Lewis, CTO of Pythian, Vrinda Khurjekar, Senior Director of AMER Business at Searce, and Meiling He, Senior Data Scientist at Rockwell Automation, for a conversation about cloud-hosted AI and ML solutions. Meiling had never heard of C2C when she was asked to fill in last-minute for her manager Francisco Maturana, but she found the experience to be a pleasant surprise. “I think it was so fun,” she said. “I learned a lot from the perspective, the questions, the answers. It’s so nice to be around people like Lilah and Paul. They’re so knowledgeable and outgoing.”The guests overwhelmingly agreed, including former C2C Executive Director Jeff Branham, now Director of Industry Alliances at Salesforce. “It’s a great place to connect with other professionals, business and also technical, and it’s a really wonderful experience,” said Henry Post of US Bank. “Great food, great presentation, and great people.” Read more here:  Healthcare and Life SciencesOn August 23, 2022, C2C welcomed longtime colleagues Paul Novak (@paul_novak), CTO of Community Health Systems, Steven Michaels (@Steven Michaels), Vice President of Technology Services at Intermountain Healthcare, and Michael Ames (@michaelames), Managing Director of Vertical Markets at SADA, for an inaugural 2Inspire event introducing the new Healthcare and Life Sciences community on the C2C platform. The guests unanimously agreed that the event and the group represent essential community-building opportunities for decision-makers in the HCLS space. “Having that type of collaborative capability to talk to people who have been there and done that, and to share ideas, and to share lessons learned, is so powerful,” said Paul.Michael echoed these sentiments via email in a follow-up after the event. “Customer-led, industry-specific communities are an essential complement to vendor- and technology-focused communities as Google Cloud pushes deeper into the enterprise. But it takes leadership from within the industry to make it happen in an authentic way. It was a pleasure to speak with Paul and Steven, two honest and forward-thinking health IT leaders about their experiences with Google Cloud. I look forward to C2C facilitating many more such discussions.” Read more about the event here:  Looking for more? Browse All Articles   Trying to catch the wave of that energy? We’re eager for more, and we hope you can join us as we add more cities to our list.  Thursday, September 8 C2C 2Gather: Zurich   Tuesday, September 13 C2C 2Gather: Paris  Not quite ready to travel and be part of an in-person crowd? We have plenty of virtual connections to join in on.  Thursday, September 8 2Chat France: Google Cloud   Thursday, September 8 Learn How to Forecast Your Spend on Google Cloud   Tuesday, September 27 2Chat France: Workspace   Tuesday, September 27 Building Looker Dashboards for the BR Radio App   Tuesday, September 27 Let's Talk About Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)   Wednesday, September 28 SAP on Google Cloud Forum  Browse all our events to speak directly with presenters and share your thoughts in open conversation with other C2C members.  Sign Up for an Event   C2C ResearchWe’re unveiling a piece that’s the first of its kind at C2C: a research report on our community! This is only a preview of what we learned, but you have the option to download the full report. Click the link to read an overview and key findings.  Congratulations again to our July C2Champions, @malamin, @JoeyMaller_UCC, and @sebastianmorenoe. Learn more about these outstanding community members in this post:  We also want to highlight some other excellent conversations happening in the communities:  Want to start connecting with the community? Start a Conversation   Of course, the beauty of everything we do is having one central place for all Google Cloud users to come together to solve problems, connect and re-connect, and have access to everything from C2C. We strive to continually improve the experience you have here in the online community, so here’s the latest on what we’ve delivered.You may have noticed some cosmetic changes around C2C as we continue to showcase our updated brand styles. We want the look and feel of the community to reflect the enthusiasm and ingenuity of Google Cloud users. New images, colors, and layouts are popping up throughout the community, but our big reveal is… … the new C2C home page! Take a look. It’s bright. It’s shiny. And most importantly, it’s featuring the community members who continue to shine as we deliver on our events, content, and conversations. With the update, you can navigate through what makes C2C the community it is. Want to make sure you’re in the loop and don’t want to wait for these posts each month? Stay up-to-date on everything by updating your profile and notification preferences so we can deliver to you the most relevant news in real time.

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C2C Global Launches New Google Cloud Community Group Dedicated to Healthcare and Life Sciences

What a great day for our team at C2C Global as we officially launch our Healthcare and Life Sciences community! The new vertical will bring together healthcare leaders, technology experts, practitioners, administrators, and pioneers to share best practices, problem solve and develop new innovative solutions for the future of healthcare. Collaboration in this space is what leads to life-changing breakthroughs for billions across the globe, and we hope that the new community will be a place that serves as a catalyst for innovation for years to come.Read more here: C2C GLOBAL LAUNCHES NEW GOOGLE CLOUD COMMUNITY GROUP DEDICATED TO HEALTHCARE AND LIFE SCIENCES  New healthcare group will facilitate sharing of information, techniques, and best practices to solve problems and spur innovation across the sector   CHICAGO, IL – C2C Global, the largest worldwide community of Google Cloud users, announced today the launch of its newest vertical dedicated to Healthcare and Life Sciences. This latest offering from C2C will bring together healthcare leaders, technology experts, practitioners, administrators and pioneers to share best practices, problem solve, and develop new innovative solutions for the future of healthcare. “In recent years, the healthcare and life sciences community has been placed at the forefront of our lives like never before, and as a result has faced additional challenges. Collaboration in this space is what helps lead to not only industry solutions, but life-changing breakthroughs for billions of people across the globe,” said Josh Berman, President, C2C Global. “By launching a new, dedicated community for these practitioners, we want to provide a place that serves as a catalyst for innovation in an ever-changing, dynamic landscape.” In addition to diverse forums, in-depth case studies and a continuous sharing of the latest news, trends and solutions affecting the industry, the new community will feature executive panel discussions highlighting some of the problems facing the industry today and how practitioners can come together to solve these challenges. C2C recently hosted a discussion with senior leadership from Intermountain Healthcare and Community Health Systems to outline how they have leveraged Google Cloud to meet today’s healthcare needs, especially since the industry has seen a boom in innovation over the past few years in frontline caregiving, virtual care, and patient management.“Creating a community and having this type of collaborative capability to talk to others who have been there and done that and to share ideas, and to share lessons learned, is so powerful,” said Paul Novak, CIO of Community Health Systems. “It allows you to move forward quickly when you’re having problems or trying to innovate. Having this ability to connect is priceless.” The C2C Healthcare and Life Sciences Community will regularly host online and in-person panel discussions and will populate a continuous stream of conversations highlighting the most up-to-date needs facing the industry where members can come together to share best practices and solutions on a daily basis. About C2C Global C2C is the only peer-to-peer community built to support, connect, and educate Google Cloud customers across regions and industries so they can better harness the power of the cloud—and each other—to solve their biggest challenges and drive innovation.

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2022 Technology Trends in the Google Cloud Customer Community

We’re unveiling a piece that’s the first of its kind at C2C: a research report on our community! This is only a preview of what’s included in the full report, but you have the option to download the full report here. BackgroundC2C conducted this research in partnership with the Google Cloud Developer Relations team to better understand cloud users and how they interact with different cloud providers at their organizations. This survey was fielded in June and July of 2022. ObjectivesC2C developed this survey to understand how cloud services are used at different organizations. Research goals included: to recognize pressures users face, to learn what projects customers are working on, and to identify the technologies used to complete these projects. Additionally, we wanted to measure usage of and satisfaction with cloud providers. Key Findings  01 AI and Machine Learning tech is “look but don’t touch.”AI and ML technologies are on the rise. However, most customers are not currently using them. While they have plans to adopt AI and ML and expect to incorporate both more in end-user application development projects, users likely need more information and guidance to prepare to adopt these technologies.    02 Google Cloud is #1 for “cloud native” development.Google Cloud is the cloud service provider used most often to develop “cloud native” apps and processes. Its users are currently most engaged with software as a service (SaaS) end-user applications and development projects, typically for the computer software industry.   03 Storage and migration tools best support high pressures.Due to high pressures on growing and scaling businesses, cloud storage and migration tools are the most used technologies. This is reflected in most cloud service providers being used to deploy on-premises applications to the cloud.     04 Provider satisfaction and open source go hand-in-hand.Google Cloud is the most used cloud provider among C2C members, followed by Amazon Web Services. These providers are also the most committed to open source models. Lower on the spectrum of open source commitment are SAP and Oracle Cloud—the providers most frequently evaluated and rejected—due to lack of support and suitability.  Want the full picture?The report details the key findings with data from the survey, including: Trends in development projects and organizational pressures Current technology use and tech to keep an eye on The competitive landscape of cloud service providers: usage, evaluation, satisfaction, and adoption reasons  Download Report  

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2Inspire: Meeting Today's Healthcare Needs (Key Takeaways)

On August 23, 2022, C2C welcomed longtime colleagues Paul Novak (@paul_novak), CTO of Community Health Systems, Steven Michaels (@Steven Michaels), Vice President of Technology Services at Intermountain Healthcare, and Michael Ames (@michaelames), Managing Director of Vertical Markets at SADA, for an inaugural 2Inspire event introducing the new Healthcare and Life Sciences community on the C2C platform. The hour-long conversation covered virtually every major consideration for HCLS organizations looking to pursue transformation on Google Cloud. For those who weren’t able to attend, read on for an overview of the discussion and a video of the complete discussion.Michael opened the conversation by asking Paul and Steven why a community for Google Cloud customers in the HCLS space is a value-add for their organizations. “This healthcare-specific forum is actually a first for C2C,” he said. Paul was quick to offer an enthusiastic response: “Having that type of collaborative capability to talk to people who have been there and done that, and to share ideas, and to share lessons learned, is so powerful to allow you to move forward quickly when you’re going through and you’re having problems, or you’re trying to innovate and you’re trying to create ideas around how IT can be more of a value-add to the business. So having that ability to connect is priceless in my mind.”Michael and Steven agreed, Michael adding that “a unique opportunity with C2C, because it isn’t a Google-operated community, it’s an independent community, is to sometimes maybe have conversations that are a little uncomfortable.” Michael moved on to ask the guests a series of questions about their experiences with innovation in the cloud. “You do have to challenge from time to time what exactly is it you’re doing and why,”  said Steven, to illustrate the importance of being willing to fail. This prompted the guests to comment on the opportunities for innovation presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the change that can come about when IT professionals and teams get ahead of business challenges and innovate to help organizations overcome them.Next Michael asked the guests to talk more about how their organizations are using Google Cloud in particular. CHS has been a Workspace customer since 2018. According to Paul, they are trying to push the idea of collaboration across an organization and share lessons learned across hospitals. The company’s first foray into Google Cloud was migrating an enterprise data warehouse. “Then something fun happened,” Paul said. “We started to think about, well, what are some other ways that we could be using this.” CHS hired a data scientist to standardize all semantic layers of hospital KPI measurement and started making new decisions around palliative care offerings and using documentation to track and potentially impact mortality rates. SADA had a similar experience moving resources from on-premise to the cloud, Michael said. “You realize you’ve opened this door.” “Having that type of collaborative capability to talk to people who have been there and done that, and to share ideas, and to share lessons learned, is so powerful.” For Intermountain, Steven said, the greatest impact of adopting Google Cloud has been speed to scale. “There’s a lot of stuff that used to happen in the background,” he said. “That all gets taken care of when you find a cloud partner like Google Cloud.” Intermountain is extending its Google partnership into hardware by equipping frontline healthcare workers with Google Pixels. Michael pointed out that this addressed an audience question about using technology to improve communications with patients. Then he asked if Paul had anything to add. “No,” said Paul, “I’m just jealous.”Toward the end of the event, Michael started posing some tougher questions. First, he asked each guest what his organization needed from Google that it hadn’t seen yet. Paul said he is interested in “trying to get Workspace to be more corporate-based or enterprise-based to enable ease of use, to enable ease of administration,” while Steven said he would “like to see Google be more deliberate in their partnerships within our technology ecosystems.” When Steven added, “I would love, and I’m sure we would all love, to see Epyc and Google get together and make their platforms a little more partner-like,” Michael raised both hands with his fingers crossed.To wrap things up, Michael asked each guest to share one unpopular professional opinion on the IT industry. Steven believes there is a common misunderstanding that healthcare technology and IT lags behind technology and IT in other industries like retail. Michael agreed, while Paul answered the question from another angle altogether. “I personally don’t think that working from home is a positive thing for the overall environment,” he said. Michael was interested in the questions this comment raised about challenges for hospitals adapting to the hybrid work environment. However, by the time Michael was able to make this last point, the group had run out of time. “Let’s make it another C2C event,” Michael said.Watch a full recording of the event below:  Extra Credit:  

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Connecting Across Career Journeys at 2Gather: Chicago

When Meiling He, Senior Data Scientist at Rockwell Automation, was asked at the last minute to fill in for her manager, Francisco Maturana (@maturanafp), at 2Gather: Chicago, she had never heard of C2C Global. The next day, she was on a train from Milwaukee preparing to speak at the Google Cloud Customer Community’s first face-to-face event in the Midwestern US. “Yesterday was the first time I heard about this, at around 3:00 p.m.,” she said. “It was new, but my manager sent me the information about what questions would be asked, and he did have his preparation for the event, so I got the information I needed.”From left: Lilah Jones, Paul Lewis,Meiling He, and Vrinda KhurjekarMeiling presented alongside Pythian CTO Paul Lewis, who spoke to C2C in advance of the event about how the company prepares data sets to be used for a variety of AI and ML solutions, and Vrinda Khurjekar, Senior Director of AMER Business at Searce. The panel discussion, moderated by Google Head of ISV’s and Marketplace Sales Lilah Jones, explored how businesses can use AI and ML solutions in general to get the most value out of their cloud adoption. Even though she had had so little time to prepare for it, Meiling’s experience at the event was a pleasant surprise: “I think it was so fun. I learned a lot from the perspective, the questions, the answers. It’s so nice to be around people like Lilah and Paul. They’re so knowledgeable and outgoing.”Meiling was also pleasantly surprised to be able to make her own connections following the scheduled program with other customers in attendance. She appreciated having the chance to talk shop with a fellow data practitioner, Revantage Data Engineer Trevor Harris. Many of the other guests in attendance were satisfied with the opportunity to network as well. “It’s a great place to connect with other professionals, business and also technical, and it’s a really wonderful experience,” said Henry Post of US Bank. “Great food, great presentation, and great people.” Jeff Parrish (@Jeff P) of Redis agreed. “I thought it was excellent,” he said. “It was a good flow, good panel, good interaction, and a good pick of different industries and different people.” “I think it was so fun. I learned a lot from the perspective, the questions, the answers.” Guests mingling at 2Gather: ChicagoThe opportunity to connect with other Google Cloud Customers was also a major value-add for the Google and C2C Partners in attendance. “It was excellent. I learned a lot about Google’s partnership with some of its customers, and got to network with some excellent people,” said Brendan O’Donnell (@bpod1026), a customer success manager at Aiven, which joined C2C as a partner after sending employees to multiple C2C events this Spring and Summer. “I met some representatives from Salesforce. Jeff from Salesforce.”Unlike Meiling, Jeff Branham (@Branham24), current Director of Industry Alliances at Salesforce, knew all about C2C. In fact, as many of our members will remember, Jeff served as C2C’s first Executive Director before moving on to his new role. He was excited to be able to attend a C2C event in person, having left the company with COVID quarantine measures still in place, and was pleased to see how the team had grown. He was also pleased to be able to make some connections of his own, particularly with Paul Lewis of Pythian, who gave him some valuable insights as a representative of a Google partner company about collaboration between CTOs and CFOs.Meiling was also excited to be able to hear from a CTO, as a practitioner who hopes to someday be able to move into an equivalent role. “Since day one of working at Rockwell I wanted to be a data scientist,” she said. “I was the Business Intern, then Data Analyst Intern, then IT Associate, then Data Scientist, then finally Senior Data Scientist, so it was a long journey.” Now that she has reached this point in her career, Meiling is grateful to be able to connect with leaders who inspire her to take the next step professionally. She looks forward to more opportunities to do so at C2C events.“I would like to know what other people are doing at their own company,” she said. “I hope I will be invited.” Extra Credit:  

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Introducing the July 2022 C2Champions

C2C is a global community where Google Cloud customers and partners can explore new technical solutions and transform their businesses using Google Cloud products. What makes C2C so unique, however, is the opportunity for our members to meet, share their knowledge, and collaborate with one another. Learning which products to use and how to use them is important, but the chance to hear the story of another colleague who has done so successfully or tell your own success story is vital. To demonstrate this value to our membership, C2C has introduced a new program all about recognizing the individuals who make our community so dynamic and rewarding. Read on below to learn more about our monthly community C2Champions. Category: Platform Posts Mohammad AlaminMohammad Alamin (@malamin) has been an extremely engaged member of our community as of late. Mohammad posted 79 times in July, which might just be an all-time record. In his posts, Mohammad always tries to be as analytical as possible, offering sources and diagrams, explaining in detail, and spending a lot of time ensuring there are no questions left. Mohammad is an AI/ML solution architect at Aiiotsys, but his technology journey has been long and eventful. He has worked for the Bangladesh Election Commission and a property management company based in the United Kingdom, and has also taught in various schools and colleges, including at a computer training center he opened himself in his home town. In his spare time, he likes to hike, draw, and watch adventure movies. Mohammad is part of C2C, he says, because “Everyone here is a Google user. They are developing a unique solution with Google Cloud technologies. I may learn from their experiences and occasionally share my own. I may also expand my knowledge and gain confidence in my abilities.” Category: Attending Events Joey MallerJoey Maller (@JoeyMaller_UCC) has been elected a July C2Champion in the Attending Events category for faithfully participating in coffee chats and sharing his invaluable experience and know-how about Google Workspace. Joey is Vice President of Sales at UpCurve Cloud, where he specializes in Google Workspace solutions. A longtime C2C member, Joey has been attending C2C events and contributing to C2C content for almost as long as the Google Cloud customer community has been around. Joey is a mainstay of the C2C Workspace crowd and on the C2C platform in general, and also came out to C2C’s Spring 2022 face-to-face event in Los Angeles, where he connected with customers SADA and Sony and his old friend Jesse Nowlin (@Jesse). Category: Google Support Sebastián MorenoSebastián Moreno (@sebastianmorenoe) has been collaborating with C2C, sharing his knowledge on Google Partners, and presenting at C2C events for some time. Thanks to his recent participation and enthusiasm, our Community Managers have nominated him as a July C2Champion in the Google Support category. Sebastián is a Google Regional Partner Engineer in LATAM leading the development and technical enablement of Google partners. Outside of work, he is a music producer and a racing enthusiast. About C2C, Sebastián says “This is one of the biggest Cloud communities I know with a lot of different topics. I also like the different activities to share knowledge and collaborate.” Do you want to be a C2Champion? There are countless ways to engage on our platform or at our events, but the easiest way to get started right now is to join us as a member! We look forward to seeing you around our community.

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