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2Chat: Accelerate Your Time to Market with Serverless (full recording)

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2Chat: Accelerate Your Time to Market with Serverless (full recording)

In the current startup environment, we are seeing a slowdown in funding. How do fledgling companies get around that? One way is to come up with a great business idea and speed your time to market to get your prototype out. The faster you can build and deploy, the sooner you can get your product in front of customers and VCs.

In her presentation for Accelerate Your Time to Market with Serverless, a C2C 2Chat event, Rachel Tsao, (@rachel) Product Manager, Google Cloud, discusses how you can maximize developer productivity and time to market using scalable, containerized applications with Google Cloud Run. Watch the full recording here:



Thank you to upload here. I attended this event and find worthwhile.


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What 2-3 points do you get from attending this event?

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To pointed me here about Time to Market with Serverless,


Rachel Tao established the confidence how we can build the application in GCP serverless and cleared confusion about how we can instantly run business solution in GCP serverless. As well as, inspired to a startup how startup can get benifited with serverless.

Also, she focuses on how serverless is a great way to put following uncertiain strategies to practice as it can help us achieve speed and simplicity as well as maximize existing talent to overcome using serverless.


Strategies for Uncertain Times:

  • Simplicity Scales, complexity doesn’t
  • Double down on your top talent
  • Alignment over the agreement,
  • Tighten up the value proposition to drive sales
  • If it’s not one of these, it’s fluff:

            -Drives revenue growth

            - Saves money (Strong ROI)
            - Reduce Risk.


Don't be concerned! when using serverless, about server infrastructure scaling and load balancing, She said.


GCP serverless family will take care off automatically.


* Developed the application
* Monitor the performance.


How is GCP serverless differer from another server infracstructure.



Define serverless modern application pattern: 







Remember the serverless family :





Based on DORA research, Serverless is intended to assist teams in achieving elite performance.




She also explains how cloud build works as a Google serverless use case.


Who should use serverless ?


Anyone that wants to go to market with agility.



Cloud Run use case:


Build a web app

  • Web App
  • Internal Apps/pages
  • Request-based services

Data Processing

  • Data transformation
  • Data ingestion

Developing APIs

  • Web & Mobile backends
  • Internal APIs and services
  • Internal and External gRPC services.


  • Workflow Orchestration
  • Event driven reactive Automation


Connecting Cloud Services

Cloud Run Jobs- Background batch scheduled.

Also, She explain serverless architect on  How LVMH(Les Echos) Leverages Cloud Run for globally localized website. Adding new regions has gone from hours to minutes.



How to work cloud Run :


She demonstrated the demonstration using the cloud GCP console and specified three interactive steps:

Summarise two ways to run serverless code :

  1. Cloud Run Services -Used to run code that responds to web requests, or events.
  2. Cloud Run Jobs- Used to run code that performs work ( a job) and quits when the work is done.


Cloud Run & GKE -Work better Together


Cloud Run: Fully Managed and highly scalable app dev platform.

Simple and Automated Focused on Developer Productivity.

GKE Autopilot: The most managed and secured Kubernetes offering. Easy for customers to build their own dev platform with


Also, choose simplicity first if possible

-Deploy from Source code (no knowledge of containers needed) and container images

-Portability of container images and control plane


Cloud run will help:

  • Maximize developer time and go to market. quickly
  • Service will be scaled
  • Teams build with cloud native principles
  • The portability of containers.


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I’m speechless, @malamin ! Thank you for your great effort and for the time you have spent in writing all of this information! An eye-opener! 

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