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2Gather: Cloud Adoption Summit (session recordings)

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2Gather: Cloud Adoption Summit (session recordings)

The 2022 Cloud Adoption Summit at Google’s offices in London was the banner event of the year for the C2C community. The day-long conference featured over two dozen customer, partner, and Googler speakers and brought in well over a hundred guests. The networking at the event facilitated dozens of connections between organizations in attendance and sparked generative debate on topics ranging from sustainability in the cloud space to how employee upskilling impacts cloud adoption prospects. These connections were unique and irreproducible, but the content presented at the event spoke, and speaks, for itself.

In December, we caught up with attendees to hear about their experiences at the event for an exclusive report from the scene. Now, full recordings of the sessions hosted at the event are available for viewing on YouTube. Check the embeds below to find the session you want to see––or see again!


Welcome from C2C and Google and Opening Keynote



Industry Insights Panel and Discussion



Cybersecurity with GEMA and Palo Alto Networks



Industry Panel: Change Management with Deloitte



Infrastructure Modernization and Migrating VDI Workload to Google Cloud with Workspot



De-risking RAMP with Cloud IQ and Appsbroker



Customer Panel: What Do We Know Now That We Wish We'd Known When We Started



Extra Credit:


Do you want to see more sessions like these and interact live with the speakers and other guests? Come the to the next Cloud Adoption Summit on March 23, in Toronto, Canada!

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