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3co Fireside Chat - Startup Success Stories (full recording)

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3co Fireside Chat - Startup Success Stories (full recording)

To new startups, older, more successful startups are lodestars guiding them to their ultimate destinations. No startup is this big or this visible at first. Before 3co was recognized as the provider of a leading AI 3D scanning solution, it was a formative business facing the everyday challenges of defining a brand and choosing the right path to growth. In this fireside chat with C2C and the Google Cloud Startups team, Lance Legel of 3co looks back on his startup journey, touching on everything from the human biochemical response to the physical presence of flowers to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche along the way. Topics explored during this conversation include:


  • (1:30) - Introduction to Lance Legel and 3co elevator pitch
  • (6:40) - How 3co became the business it is today
  • (9:40) - How to approach and prepare for incubators
  • (16:00) - How to take advantage of mentors and feedback
  • (19:45) - How to evaluate opportunities for your business
  • (28:00) - How passion for you business helps you overcome challenges
  • (35:00) - How to challenge yourself to master new solutions and skills
  • (38:00) - How to take advantage of the relationships that will help you grow
  • (40:25) - Lightning round
  • (46:35) - Audience questions and answers


Watch a video of the full conversation below:



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