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Andi Gutmans,GM and VP of Engineering at Google Sits Down with C2C

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Known as a prominent programmer and entrepreneur in the tech space, Andi Gutmans today serves as the General Manager and VP of engineering for databases at Google Cloud. He is responsible for overseeing a group whose goal is to support customers with their data journeys and with transforming their businesses.

“It’s a three-step journey,” he said. “We take them through migration, modernization, and then transformation. The best part of what we do is being able to innovate on behalf of our customers.”

Innovating is something Gutmans does well. He co-created PHP, the programming language that is the most widely used web language for creating dynamic web pages, and he also co-founded Zend Technologies, which continues to do much of the work in further developing PHP. Gutmans doesn’t shy away from new challenges. He instead thrives on finding solutions for them. “All customers want to eventually get to transformation,” he said. “But it’s not always easy to make the full leap in one step. I’m excited about the opportunity to partner with them on that journey and to really enable that transformation.”

Watch the whole interview below. 


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