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Becoming Fully Certified on Google Cloud (full recording)

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Becoming Fully Certified on Google Cloud (full recording)

Certifications are a Google Cloud user’s keys to success. Google Cloud’s many certifications provide the training and expertise practitioners need to identify and excel in their career paths, and certifications help employers and industry decision-makers find the talent that sets their teams apart from the competition.

This C2C Connect was hosted by Devoteam, a foundational platinum partner of C2C and Google Cloud Premier Partner. Devoteam has an ambition to encourage consultants to become fully certified on Google Cloud, being well versed in multiple disciplines, and has four consultants who have done it, with two of them being Anthos fellows. The presenters shared reasons for why they think this is important and their methodology and support system they have built to roll this out to 400 consultants world wide.

The recording from this session includes the topics listed below, plus nearly twenty minutes of open Q&A from community members present at the live event:

  • (0:00) Introduction to the session from @Alfons, C2C
  • (1:50) Introduction on Devoteam and our presenters, Jason Quek, Global CTO of Devoteam G Cloud, and Niels Buekers, CTO of Devoteam G Cloud Benelux & UKI
  • (5:10) Session overview on the why, what, and how: continuous learning, business value, and leading by example by building the best talent on Google Cloud to serve customers
  • (9:00) Why continuous learning is necessary for building trust
  • (11:35) Testing your theoretical knowledge and preparing for certification exams
  • (18:25) How Devoteam uses gamification (leaderboards) to award exam vouchers and why they celebrate newly certified exam-takers
  • (27:40) Gaining hands-on experience and qualifying for cloud jobs
  • (30:15) Mentorship programs and study sessions
  • (32:15) Leading by example and the goal of becoming fully certified
  • (33:45) Final thoughts and community Q&A

Watch the full recording of the conversation below:


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