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BigQuery ML: Easy Access to Machine Learning (full recording)

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BigQuery ML: Easy Access to Machine Learning (full recording)

Machine Learning is an essential component of every major tech product today. With tools like BigQuery ML, you don’t have to be a data scientist to quickly and easily incorporate ML into your applications.

At a recent C2C Deep Dive event hosted by the Google Cloud startups team, Google Cloud AI/ML Specialist Customer Engineers Mike Walker and Rob Vogelbacher explained how you can use BigQuery ML to power insights for you and your customers. There are many built-in algorithms for regression, classification, clustering, forecasting, and recommendations that you can train with just a few lines of SQL. All these help you learn more from your data in a short time and in a cost-effective way. The models you build can be called from BigQuery or from external applications.

The recording from this session includes the following topics:

  • (0:00) Introduction from C2C
  • (2:35) What is BigQuery?
  • (6:00) Decoupled storage and compute on BigQuery
  • (8:00) Typical ML Workflow
  • (10:00) BigQuery ML and AI
  • (11:30) BigQuery ML-supported models and features
  • (17:30) BigQuery Use cases
  • (18:30) BigQuery Explainable AI
  • (21:05) AutoML Tables and BigQuery ML
  • (23:25) BigQuery ML Example Models: Miami Housing Dataset
  • (41:30) Audience Q&A

Watch the full recording of the conversation below:


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