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Build an ACID-Compliant Database with Certainty (full recording)

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Build an ACID-Compliant Database with Certainty (full recording)

When startups begin their journeys building on relational databases, they often find that these databases run out of steam as their businesses grow. At this point, re-architecting with a more robust solution can be painful. Most applications require database transactions that meet ACID compliance requirements. The financial services, retail, gaming, and healthcare industries all require that queries for the latest data and updates happen in real time.

Cloud Spanner meets these needs by getting you up and running fast and scaling as you grow. Spanner is a fully managed, globally distributed, ACID-compliant database that automatically handles replicas, sharding, and transaction consistency, allowing you to quickly scale to meet any usage pattern and ensure the success of your products.

Jack Bradham, Global Solution Manager, Data Management for Spanner and Dylan Zuniga, Cloud Technical Resident at Google, joined C2C for a 2Learn event to explain how Spanner lets you:

  • Experience the benefits of a global OLTP database with unlimited scaling up and down
  • Enjoy high availability with zero scheduled downtime and online schema changes
  • Focus on innovation, eliminating manual tasks with capabilities like automatic sharding and replication
  • Benefit from resources such as sample code


Watch the full recording here:



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