C2C Deep Dive: Google Workspace Lead Speaks with C2C Community About Improvements and Developments from G Suite | C2C Community

C2C Deep Dive: Google Workspace Lead Speaks with C2C Community About Improvements and Developments from G Suite

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C2C Deep Dive: Google Workspace Lead Speaks with C2C Community About Improvements and Developments from G Suite

Originally published on December 11, 2020.

Our C2C Deep Dive: Google Workspace Efficiencies event featured Google Workspace Lead Diane Chaleff, who spoke with legacy G Suite customers eager to learn about the shift to the Google Workspace and latest developments. The product improvements made in 2020, as Chaleff described, were focused on improving productivity, collaboration, and creativity, as many made the pivot to a fully remote workforce. 

As Chaleff expounded upon the benefits, the chat was abuzz with positive comments about the improvements made in 2020. 

Take a quick look through some of the highlights, and perhaps try the improvements out if you haven't already. 

Google Workspace is built with consumer-grade usability and puts people at the center to deepen the connection between employees and customers. 

Immersive experiences like Meet picture-in-picture improve collaboration by helping people build meaningful connections.

Enhancements like live captions, adaptive layouts, low-light mode, and noise cancellation connect workers from the frontline to the back office.



Flexibility across an open collaboration platform is essential to power work from anywhere. 

Google is powering real-time collaboration to make work more fluid, seamless, and efficient for customers. Gmail now allows users to create a secure chat room to communicate with a group and track projects, edit and collaborate on content, jump into a meeting, or search files.



Stop the switch and save them time.

Another feature focused on the customer experience allows for previewing, editing, and collaborating on a linked file without opening a new tab. The goal is to limit the switching between tabs, so users have more time to focus on other responsibilities while working remotely, such as their kids. 


How does Google Workspace use AI to save time? 

Smart data tools make analysis easier and more accessible—you can even connect your BigQuery data to Sheets to analyze billions of rows of data without SQL knowledge.

AI-powered tools like Smart Compose and Smart Reply, which suggest complete sentences and quick replies, help users create high-quality content and communicate faster. 


Tip from the C2C Community: When using Breakout Rooms, users can assign attendees to a room, but attendees cannot be pre-assigned to a room. Assigning occurs during an active Google Meet session.

Watch how it all comes together.

Explore how all these new features and enhancements work together for any task, like a birthday party!


Keep up with Workspace.

You can check the status of upcoming features, product enhancements, and road map by checking the Google Workspace Updates blog

That said, here’s a short clip of Diane’s favorite updates; let us know if you’ve used any of them!


We ended with a question from the C2C community.

Do you have examples of how AI is being used in Workspace for time and attention analytics, especially as companies go virtual due to remote work?

Our C2C Rockstar with Javier Soltero also touched on analytics; watch below to see how the Workspace team handles this customer feature request. 


Want to watch the whole Deep Dive? Check it out below:


There are still plenty of questions from the C2C community, with answers to come. 

  1. Is there any thought of going beyond spelling and grammar to providing stylistic tips?
  2. How similar is “creating a doc from Gmail” to “collaboratively writing an email?” 
  3. Can we also hear about what's coming in 2021?

We aim to answer any remaining questions in the coming weeks, and we will continue to update as more information becomes publicly available. Until then, check out our upcoming C2C Talks on Dec. 15. We will feature C2C community member Jesse Nowlin and his story about pivoting to using Workspace within his organization. Register for the talk here. 


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