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C2C Deep Dive Series: Automated Monitoring and Microservices with Fulfilld

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C2C Deep Dive Series: Automated Monitoring and Microservices with Fulfilld

Don’t worry if you haven’t had the chance to join us yet for one of Fulfilld CTO and co-founder Michael Pytel’s Deep Dives. We record all of these sessions, including Pytel’s most recent Deep Dive, about Fulfilld’s Automated Monitoring and Microservices. Pytel told us in his first Fulfilld Deep Dive that “every modern application today is built on a microservices architecture.” This session explores how Fulfilld uses automated monitoring to ensure that its microservices are reliable and with all the functionality they promise.


In Pytel’s own words, “the most important feature of any system is reliability.” Fulfilld monitors application performance, application errors, cloud connectivity, and customer connectivity, looking for “four golden signals”: latency, traffic, saturation, and errors. All metrics and insights collected via monitoring are logged and tracked to allow for profiling and debugging. All of this is accomplished on the Google Cloud Platform, in a multi-project environment comprising Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL, Cloud Run, and other Google Cloud products. The presentation also includes a slide detailing how Fulfilld uses Flutter Fire for mobile monitoring.


Pytel will be joining us on October 12 for another Deep Dive, all about using Natural Language to build a digital assistant. However, his insights in the first sessions in this series are crucial to understanding how Fulfilld is disrupting the warehouse management space with a robust microservices architecture, intuitive UI, and a next-generation digital assistant. Watch the most recent session below, and check out the links in the Extra Credit section. We recommend getting caught up before the next event. 



Register here for Scaling an Enterprise Software: Digital Assistants and Natural Language


Extra Credit:


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