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C2C Monthly Recap: June 2022

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C2C Monthly Recap: June 2022

Each month, C2C shares the latest news from the team and the best highlights from all of you here in the community. Read on below for the most essential C2C updates from June 2022.

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Where We’ve Been...



The C2C team has been on the move! We’ve been unveiling a number of face to face events with the help of our partners, Google, and other members who have joined us to share their journeys and connect with each other. The stories shared at these events are valuable across many industry solutions being created with Google Cloud technology, but we also have a focus on having fun!


São Paulo

On June 1, C2C hosted an in-person event in São Paulo, Brazil, featuring speakers Marco Bravo, Head of Google Cloud Brazil, and Dr. Wade Holmes (@wadeholmes), Google Cloud Solutions Manager for Security Global Lead, and moderated by Renato Marcovitti, Cloud Security Specialist, Google Cloud. The first C2C event hosted in Latin America, this event marked the official launch of C2C’s regional LATAM community. The program explored Google Cloud’s security benefits and how new developments in cybersecurity, including Zero Trust concepts, are helping Google Cloud eliminate cyber threats. “I really liked the opportunity to have contact with other customers of other clients and with the Google Cloud community,” said Renato Wada (@rmwada) of FIS. Jéssica Romão (@jessica.Romão) of BV Financeira agreed. “I think this kind of event is very important for security and to the people," she said. “To know new things about security, and to know each other, also.”



C2C’s in-person event in Cambridge was the first C2C in-person event produced specifically with C2C’s Healthcare and Life Sciences group in mind. The program featured speakers Taylor Lehmann (@taylorlehmann1), Director of the Office of the CISO at Google Cloud, Jonathan Sheffi (@sheffi), formerly a Director of Product Strategy at Veeva Systems and Google Cloud, and Luke Ge (@Liangwei77ge), an AI Solution Specialist at Intel, as well as moderator Yee-chen Tjie (@yeetjie), Google Cloud Life Sciences Head of Customer Engineering. For a full recap of the program and some onsite reporting from the networking reception that followed the event, complete with interviews with speakers and guests, follow the links below.

You can also find recordings from virtual events, interviews with Google Cloud thought leaders, and other news and content from C2C by browsing all our articles by solution area, industry, or hot topics in cloud.


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...And Where We’re Going

Trying to catch wave of that energy? We’re eager for more, and we hope you can join us as we add more cities to our list.


Not quite ready to travel and be part of an in-person crowd? We have plenty of virtual connections to join in on. Here are a select few we recommend joining live so you can speak directly with presenters and share your thoughts in open conversation with other C2C members.


Looking for more?

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In the Community

Congratulations again to our May C2Champions, @chanelgreco@HayesJohnD, and @shaijut. Learn more about these outstanding community members at this post below.


We also want to highlight some other excellent conversations happening in the communities. 


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Newest Features for You

Of course, the beauty of everything above is having one central place for all Google Cloud users to come together to solve problems, connect and re-connect, and have access to everything from C2C. We strive to continually improve the experience you have here in the online community, so here’s the latest on what we’ve delivered.


Navigation Updates

Our homepage may look different to returning users. Previously, our topic categories had prominent real estate on the homepage of the community. This new navigation now makes clearer the three main purposes of logging in: finding your topics of interest, reading C2C-published articles, and signing up for in-person and virtual events.

Main navigation: community, articles, and events


The newly-activated community overview page is the dedicated home to everything for technology-based conversations, including the member leaderboard and popular tags added to topics. These categories—sorted by Google Cloud solutions, industry solutions, and Google Workspace—are available to start discussions and get questions answered.

We also merged the previously listed “Shape” page from the top navigation into the “Community” sections. Now, shared resources are included among the conversations in a one-stop-shop.


New User Roles: Team Leaders and Moderators

The C2C community managers (@ilias@Dimitris Petrakis, and @Alfons) work directly with C2C members to keep the conversations lively and appropriate in our topic categories and regional groups. You can now easily identify these individuals marked by the “Moderator” or “Team Leader” tags on their profiles.

Example of the “Moderator” role on a the profile for @MarkusK  

If you’re interested in becoming a team leader or moderator, reach out directly to @ilias.


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What a GREAT Recap! Thanks for a very detailed and very nice article, C2C ;)

And I can’t help but welcoming:
- Our new team leaders of our Germany group, @mstade and @aleja

- Our “new” team leader of the Alps group (who was previously a team leader for the DACH group) @tom

- Our new team leader in the UK @pambos


And many new moderators that we will announce soon with @ilias, so, I will not tag you people here YET! :)

I hope I’m not forgetting someone, otherwise I know that @ilias can correct me! :D

May and June have been two amazing months for C2C and I’m really looking forward to everything coming up soon! :)


Thank you C2C!

The best recap, thanks a ton @C2C Team 

💙 Google Cloud.