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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: What's a Data Product?

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: What's a Data Product?

This week, Bruno talks about the 3 key attributes of modern Data Products, covers best practices in Data and points you to leaders you should know and follow so you too can grow!

This CarCast covers:

  1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Data The data organization is now a value organization (70% of data leaders report to the company's president, CEO, COO or CIO) and it gives you, the data leader, the opportunity to align on business objectives, not just technical ones.  Read more on VentureBeat here.
  2. How To Succeed as a Data Leader Bruno reviews the do's and don'ts of Jaguar and Land Rover's former Data Chief.  He talks about accountability and thoughtful planning.  Data is more than just tech!
  3. Data products in action.  For Bruno, Data Products are about Data, Time and People.  Listen in to get the breakdown!

And finally, you all liked Bruno's MAD interview so much, he's created a playlist!  Check out the snippets and behind the scene short videos here!  (btw - MAD stands for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Landscape! 


Thank you for sharing such valuable insights on a top of mind conversation for so many!

Great post and video @BrunoAziza Congrats!

Thanks @valdecir.carvalho - happy you liked it!

If there is something in particularly you’d like me to cover in those updates, let me know!  Most of these topics come from customer conversations I have during the week so YOU are my inspiration! ;)

Thank you so much for the post, @BrunoAziza . You’re doing great.