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Core Concepts from 2Gather Tel Aviv

Categories: Cloud Operations Identity and Security
Core Concepts from 2Gather Tel Aviv

Google Cloud, CB4, Resonai, Panorays


June 14th, 2023

Tel Aviv 


At this 2Gather event, a panel discussion led by Carine Lev Lahav from Google Cloud focused on both solutions and challenges surrounding leveraging data in order to enhance growth for cloud enterprises. From data analytics to security, the event had an interactive question and answer session that covered a range of topics that involved innovating the cloud journey. Demi Ben- Ari from Panaroys, Natalie Rozenboim from Resonai and Dana Rosenfeld from CB4 provided insights on how they have used specific strategies to enhance the use of the cloud within their own organizations.

Palo Alto Networks also shared the benefits of the Prisma Cloud platform. Prisma Cloud secures applications from code to cloud, allowing DevOps teams to collaborate in a secure enviornment. The major advantages of Prisma Cloud include that it has decreased training issues that occur due to the reliance on security tools from external vendors. The platform also helps to avoid friction between security and development teams with cloud-to-code protection. Prisma Cloud’s approach is rooted in going from point security tools to transparent visibility and protection in real-time.



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