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Drive Your Team's Software Delivery Performance (full video)

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Drive Your Team's Software Delivery Performance (full video)

This C2C Deep Dive was led by Nathen Harvey (@nathenharvey), cloud developer advocate at Google who helps the community understand and apply DevOps and SRE practices in the cloud.

The Google Cloud DORA team has undertaken a multi-year research program to improve your team’s software delivery and operations performance! In this session, Nathen introduced the program, research findings, and invited Google Cloud customer Aeris to demonstrate the tool in real-time.

The full recording from this session includes:

  • (1:40) Speaker introduction
  • (3:20) How technology drives value and innovation for customer experiences
  • (4:20) Using DORA for data-driven insights and competitive advantages
  • (7:15) Measuring software delivery and operations performance
    • Deployment frequency
    • Lead time for changes
    • Change fail rate
    • Time to restore service
  • (14:20) Live demonstration of the DevOps Quick Check with Karthi Sadasivan of Aeris
  • (23:00) Assessing software delivery performance results
    • Understanding benchmarks from DORA’s research program
    • Scale of low, medium, high, or elite performance
    • Predictive analysis by DORA to improve outcomes
  • (29:30) Using results to improve performance
    • Capabilities across process, technical, measurement, and culture
    • Quick Check’s prioritized list of recommendations
  • (37:40) Transformational leadership for driving performance forward
    • Psychological safety
    • Learning environment
    • Commitment to improvements
  • (41:45) Open Q&A


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