Insights on what a $100 Million Series D Startup Is Building Using Google Cloud and AI | C2C Community

Insights on what a $100 Million Series D Startup Is Building Using Google Cloud and AI

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Insights on what a $100 Million Series D Startup Is Building Using Google Cloud and AI

A cellist, programmer, and oh yes, CTO of Ironclad, the legal technology firm he co-founded, Cai GoGwilt is a millennial’s renaissance man, and C2C got to sit down with him to discuss how AI is used to improve the contracting collaboration process and so, so much more. 


What You Wanted to Know About Ironclad


As a company, Ironclad is experiencing tremendous growth from marking the end of 2019 with three times the overall revenue growth and 90% customer growth, and also 250% product usage increase. But that’s not all. It also snapped up $100 million in Series D funding. 


For the end-user, Ironclad aims to power the world’s contracts. Using AI and a platform to streamline the contract collaboration and negotiation process can improve the entire experience and enable businesses to move faster. 

Ironclad’s easy-to-use platform allows non-technical users to create workflows for automating the most repetitive parts of the document handling process. Also, legal teams can customize a contract’s text fields and specify the parties who need to sign or approve it and store the agreement in a centralized archive once finalized. 


Get to know what the company does, directly from GoGwilt, and hear a use case in the video below. 




Why Is Ironclad Is a Google Cloud Shop?


Let’s talk tech. Ironclad has been using Google Cloud since 2014 and has continued to build its products using Google Cloud Platform. Watch the clip to understand the thought process; what resonates with you? 




Suppose we understand that contracts are unstructured, unstandardized, and use nuanced legal language but are vital for organizations to bar against rare but detrimental occurrences. How does Ironclad solve them using Google Cloud’s AI/ML tools?




The CTO on Leadership, Music, and Starting a Business


There is a fascinating confluence of three disparate skillsetsmusic, programming, and leadership—that compose GoGwilt’s day-to-day, like an electric orchestra adding beat drops to Mozart. Cool, right? 

Hear about GoGwilt’s day-to-day in the clip below. 


Get to know his philosophy on how music helps him be the type of leader he also admires.



Have a billion-dollar idea? Hear GoGwilt’s advice on starting a business and why you should genuinely love it. 


The 1 Word You Should Know When Building a Powerful Team: Integrity


Building engineering or development teamsspecifically, the right teamsis a challenge. Learn about how Ironclad does it and how it has scaled to meet its rapid ascent to Fortune Magazine’s Next Billion-Dollar Startups in 2020 list. 


What makes Ironclad’s culture unique? 




Final Question: If Ironclad Were a 10-Episode Netflix Series, what Episode Are We on Today? 




IronClad and GoGwilt will also be sharing the latest advances in contracting at its flagship summit, State of Digital Contracting, on March 25.


Extra Credit


  1. GoGwilt’s favorite book is Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute. He said it helps the reader get out of the self-victimization framework and provides tools to change your mindset and be a better teammate with strong personal and professional relationships.

  2. His favorite podcast is The Daily by The New York Times.

  3. His favorite color is blue, has a love-hate relationship with “Silicon Valley” (the show, obviously!), and will probably beat you in any TI-83 Dance, Dance Revolution game


Hey @Content Sabina , very interesting post/company.  I just joined C2C so I’m just seeing this for the first time.  Series D?!  Wow (guessing they onto E by now).  Congrats to Founder(s).  That is a brilliant idea.  Once Ironclad masters that market, they’re just gonna invert it and generate a mountain of value (and profit :) by running their process in reverse, and generating new contracts from scratch for business.  I can already see it, CEOs & attorneys just dragging and dropping icons onto a Contract-Builder UI, which then builds and “Ironclad” contract.  Sweet.

I’m curious about the ML process.  I wander if Ironclad engineers are able to leverage GCP’s NLP, and how they were able to train their modeling engines.  And, Typescript + GKE, I’m not understanding the logic there, but I guess it’s getting the job done, and there seems to be a lot of Java/TypeScript engineers around these days.

Lastly, for the Ironclad folks, if you aren’t already familiar with DAU, recommend you check it out.  I worked with a few people that worked in that space and your product(s) seem like they’d be a good match for the DAU certified folks and the incredibly complex and bureaucratic contracts they manage.

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