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Mental Health Awareness Month on the C2C Community Platform

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Mental Health Awareness Month on the C2C Community Platform

As we march on through year two of a pandemic that sends pulses of fear and relief in what seems like equal measure, we are taking the month to acknowledge and discuss how cloud technology responds to the mental health epidemic.

Between headlines of a mental health crisis unofficially dubbed an epidemic, there are helpers like the leaders exploring options to ensure a culture of health and wellness into the future of work or the startups turning to Google Cloud AI for near-constant mental health support. 

This month at C2C, we are honoring Mental Health Awareness Month by infusing our technical and event content with candid conversations. We will look at how technology is the culprit and the hero, including the players behind the scenes and the tools driving change. 

Our month of content kicks off this week with a discussion about how technology impacts our collective wellness. 

Next week, we’ll look at C2C partners such as Accenture and how it brings taboo topics around mental health to the mainstream conversation. Accenture will share examples of recognizing a teammate’s loss and why that fosters a culture of authenticity and working fearlessly. 

During the week of May 17, we’ll host a C2C Talks around a tech company using the Google Cloud AI Platform to empower meaningful conversations for frontline workers. The University of North Carolina School of Medicine and Institute for Trauma Recovery worked with Google Cloud to create the app and survey. By collecting an aggregate of data from health care workers at academic institutions across the country, an understanding of the stressors harming health care workers can lead to better health outcomes. Using the Heroes Health App, health professionals can care for themselves and each other. Health care workers can “anonymously let [their] organization know how they’re doing, track their wellness with a five-minute set of weekly surveys, and access mental health resources specific to [their] organization,” the website reads. 

On May 25, we’ll bring you our next installment of our C2C Navigators series (see below) exploring the future of work and its impact on culture. Gain insight into what CIOs, CTOs, and executives are doing to redefine corporate culture, nurture the culture of change, and measure success by adherence to company values. Join Brigette McInnis-Day, Google Cloud VP of HR, Kelly Ducourty, VP of GTM strategy and ops, and Peter High, industry expert, for a thoughtful discussion. 

Finally, we bring the month full circle by creating space for C2C members to join together and share their perspectives after a month of content. The goal? Get to know other members, have rich, authentic conversations, and empower each other to continue the conversation beyond May. 
I look forward to seeing you around our community, learning from your experiences, and hearing your perspectives. 



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