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New Year, New Elevator Pitch Coffee Chat (full video)

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New Year, New Elevator Pitch Coffee Chat (full video)

Every day, entrepreneurs with innovative visions enter the startup space as founders ready to disrupt. How do these innovators get the attention and the interest they need to succeed and scale? It all starts with a pitch. In this coffee chat hosted by Google Cloud Startups and C2C Connect, the Google Cloud Startups team breaks down the formula for a successful elevator pitch and invites startup founders in attendance to practice their own pitches and provide each other with live feedback. View a full recording of the session below.

Key points discussed include:

  • (0:40) Session agreements
  • (3:15) Level-setting: what is an elevator pitch?
  • (5:50) Elevator pitch formula: name and mission
  • (8:20) Elevator pitch formula: emotional anchor
  • (15:35) Elevator pitch formula: why you?
  • (23:25) Elevator pitch formula: how you are fixing the problem
  • (28:30) Elevator pitch formula: CTA
  • (32:40) Example pitch and practice and feedback session

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