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Ransomware Recovery with Google, NetApp, and Workspot (full recording)

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Ransomware Recovery with Google, NetApp, and Workspot (full recording)

A company becomes the victim of ransomware every 11 seconds. Despite billions of dollars spent to thwart ransomware attacks, an astonishing 66% of companies fell victim to these attacks in 2021, according to Sophos's State of Ransomware 2022 report. Organizations must take precautions to stop attacks before they happen, because recovering from ransomware takes a minimum of 30 days.

Ransomware numbers are rising everywhere—by attack volume, ransom demands, and average ransom payments. And as threat sophistication increases, virtually every industry is experiencing growing incident rates. No organization is immune. Although attacks may seem inevitable, defensive measures should always be in place, and they're most effective when paired with a strong ransomware recovery plan.

Google, NetApp, and Workspot are working together to help customers create a ransomware recovery plan. By using a proven storage platform, innovative clean cloud, and global cloud PCs, they're able to restore productivity for thousands of users around the globe within minutes. At a recent 2Chat event, speakers from these companies discussed the impact of ransomware on organizations and how you can improve your storage options by:

  • Creating an isolated project 

  • Preparing regions for capacity 

  • Provisioning cloud PCs globally 

  • Connecting to NetApp CVS for secure access to files and data

Watch a full recording of the conversation here:



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