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Scaling an Enterprise Software: Autoscaling Applications and Databases (full video)

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Michael Pytel (@mpytel), co-founder and CTO at Fulfilld, shares stories from the team’s wins and losses in building out this intelligent managed warehouse solution.

The recording from this Deep Dive includes:

  • (2:20) Introduction to Fulfilld
  • (4:10) The team’s buildout requirements for a cloud-based application, including language support, responsiveness, and data availability
  • (9:15) Fulfilld’s Android-based scanner’s capabilities and hardware
  • (12:25) Creating the digital twin with anchor points
  • (14:50) Microservice architecture, service consumption, and service data store
  • (19:35) Data store options using BigQuery, Firestore, and CloudSQL
  • (23:35) Service runtime and runtime options using Cloud Functions
  • (28:55) Example architecture
  • (30:25) Challenges in deciding between Google Cloud product options
  • (31:40) Road map for the warehouse digital assistant, document scanning, and 3D bin packing algorithm
  • (39:00) Open community questions


Community Questions Answered

  • What does the road map include for security?
  • Did using Cloud Functions help with the system design and partitioning codings tasks by clearly defining functions and requirements?
  • Do you give your customers access to their allocated BigQuery instance?
  • What type of data goes to Firestore versus CloudSQL?

Other Resources

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