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Scaling an Enterprise Software: User Experience from Design to Build (full video)

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Michael Pytel (@mpytel), co-founder and CTO at Fulfilld, shares stories from the team’s wins and losses in building out this intelligent managed warehouse solution.

The recording from this Deep Dive includes:

  • (3:10) Introduction to Fulfilld
  • (6:00) The team’s goals for user interaction, including recommended actions, building flexibility, and determining personas
  • (8:00) How to get to a modern, intuitive user interface
  • (11:00) Developing personas and some examples of Fulfilld’s personas
  • (14:20) Demo: road map and feature planning
  • (16:50) Human-centered design and Fulfilld’s design process
  • (18:40) Demo: user stories and site mapping
  • (22:10) Demo: low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups
  • (26:10) From design to build
  • (29:05) Material UI
  • (31:05) From code to deploy
  • (35:30) Demo: Google Cloud Platform console
  • (40:40) Open community questions

Community Questions Answered

  • Does your code model your process closely? How did you use Flowmapp to build your business process engines?
  • How useful is the Figma heat map generated from user demos?
  • How many personas have you developed to successfully identify functionality use cases for your application?

Other Resources

Find the rest of the series from Fulfilld below:


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Hi @mpytel, your presentation was brilliant as i was watching every thing you show us help me to my continue grow my startup

I hope i could ask more things over C2C regarding all your methology you have created so far.

Good Luck and keep moving with :muscle:



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