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Supply Chain Resiliency in a Volatile World

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Supply Chain Resiliency in a Volatile World

What does it take to build resiliency into your supply chain in a world full of potential crises? With the complexities of world health, geopolitics, and the labor market, no one person can expect to predict every obstacle; however, we can broaden the scope of our data to make better-informed decisions.

Louisa Loran is the Director for Supply Chain and Logistics in Industry Solutions at Google Cloud and brings in Google’s technology and thinking to transform and solve for businesses’ supply chains. Loran explains that using Google Cloud accelerators, companies can open new forms of collaboration by breaking down data silos to access geospatial information, media sentiment, and assessments for raw material risks.

Watch Louisa’s presentation from C2C Global’s Clean Clouds, Happy Earth event below:



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