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The Future of Work and Client Empathy (full video)

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The Future of Work and Client Empathy (full video)

The C2C Navigators: Future of Work series gives you access to some of the top minds at Google Cloud, innovative customers, and industry leaders. For the third in this series, we invited four experts from Google Cloud Partner companies to the stage:

Key Discussion Points:

  • How have Google Cloud partners responded to the pandemic’s impact on relationships with clients?
  • Given what’s changed on a macro level, what changes have partners observed in everyday working life?
  • Looking forward, how can leadership demonstrate resilience while increasing empathy and compassion toward users’ fundamental needs?
  • How are partners working in virtual settings through challenging projects without being able to read body language or pick up on peripheral clues about their interest and engagement?
  • What’s one superpower or super skill everyone should have to learn to stay relevant with the major shifts toward more virtual communications?

Watch the entire conversation here:


We will continue the conversation with special guest speakers from Verizon and Workday on Thursday, June 24. 


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