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The Future of Work is About Culture (full video)

Categories: Google Workspace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Session Recording
The Future of Work is About Culture (full video)

The C2C Navigators: Future of Work series gives you access to some of the top minds at Google Cloud, innovative customers, and industry leaders. For the second in this series, we invited three experts to the stage:

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Returning to the office with safety and wellbeing in mind
  2. Strengthening culture through inclusive tech and an individualized approach to employee needs to ensure inclusivity for all working styles and needs
  3. Recent research on talent planning, learning and innovation, and flexible work environments
  4. Transitioning to the next phase of work as a hybrid model, a full return to the office, or staying remote

Community Questions Answered: 

  1. How does Google ensure empathy for a diverse employee population?
  2. Does vaccination matter for in-office access and how are you planning on handling that?
  3. Who owns the responsibility of making decisions to ensure health and wellbeing?
  4. What makes a strong team and what have we learned in the past 14 months that can improve team dynamics?

Watch the entire conversation here: 


Great session. So many actionable takeaways! I particularly liked the dialogue around empathy and inclusiveness.

Worth watching the replay more than once! My attention was grabbed by the flexibility use cases mentioned and how are those interconnected with integrity and client empathy. 

I hope my curiosity questions might have provoked looking into more nuances of culture in the Future of Work.  

Awesome Moderator @Content.Sabina!   

For me, it was the client's empathy, as both of you wrote, and the flexibility.

I will agree with you @Nina Trankova that @Content.Sabina is an Awesome Moderator!

Very interesting, thank you.
These changes will really be measured everywhere in the working world...
I would love to do a focus on the new skills that these new ways of working will develop  or will need.

PS : It would be great to include subtitles for non-English speakers.  ;-))

Hi @nathalie adamczak!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. But I especially want to thank you for suggesting the subtitles. 😀