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Using FinOps for Cloud Cost Optimization (full recording)

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Using FinOps for Cloud Cost Optimization (full recording)

FinOps—or cloud financial operations—is the practice of embedding financial accountability, management, and cost optimization within engineering teams. FinOps is growing in importance and relevance among financial and engineering teams alike.

A recent Forrester report predicts that over 90% of organizations are overspending on cloud costs due to several factors, including lack of skills and over-provisioned resources. CIOs, business leaders, and the media are all talking about FinOps in 2023. Interest in FinOps is growing at an unprecedented rate, especially given recent economic fluctuations.

C2C had the opportunity to host Sasha Kipervarg and Ken Cheney to bring their perspective about FinOps to the C2C community. Sasha is the co-founder and CEO of Ternary, the world's first native FinOps cloud cost optimization tool built for Google Cloud on Google Cloud. Ken Cheney is a business leader and advisor to SaaS and cloud vendors, large enterprise, and the government. 

During this informal chat, you will learn about the importance of: 

  • Accountability and enablement of cloud optimization
  • Implementing this optimization via policies and useful resources (such as Ternary) that can help you: 
    • tag resources (every workload, every cluster) 
    • track untagged resources 
    • track the biggest spenders and stay on top of the fluctuations in these costs 
  • Reporting (the earlier the better) for aggregating spend and arriving at a total cost for various teams
  • Setting reporting to make planning and forecasting easier.

Watch the full recording here:



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