Introducing myself: Kristin Taner of Managecore

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Hi C2C Community and SAP Members - its great to meet you all - I’m so happy to be apart of this group! 

Please allow me to introduce myself; Kristin Taner, Sr. Director of Marketing for Managecore - the Premier Google Cloud partner for SAP.

The Managecore team and myself are thrilled to be able to offer our Google Cloud insight, decades long years of SAP technical experience, and thought leadership to the SAP C2C Community. 

Managecore is here to help offer regulars thought leadership, answers any questions, guide SAP customers on their journey to the Cloud and help optimize their use of Google Cloud for their SAP landscape. 

My Managecore colleagues will be regular contributors to this channel and I will be happy to help facilitate any questions or communication you would like to ask of our executive team, customer success team and solution engineers;







I look forward to getting to know each of you!

» Kristin Taner (



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Welcome to C2C Kristin! It’s so nice to have you and the entire Managecore team here to talk all things SAP on Google Cloud. Looking forward to the conversation!

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Super awesome to have you in the C2C Kristin!  I know this will be an amazing community !!   Thank you this is great. 

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Welcome @ktaner! Would you be willing to share what you are “famous” for (i.e., What's your topic of expertise that the community can ask you about, both professional and personally)?

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Thank you @Marcy.Young and @scottfeldman for the warm welcome! I look forward to contributing to the C2C community and connecting customers with the Managecore team as they embark on their SAP to Google Cloud journey and capitalize on Google Cloud for their SAP workloads to achieve long term success!  

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Thanks @marissa.piazza great question! So I think what makes me “famous” is now my 10+ years in the SAP ecosystem, lead marketing and partnerships efforts to make our customers highly successful. Being in the SAP world for so long now, I have a passion for SAP and truly enjoy my Managecore team as we share the same passion for technology, SAP, and dedication to always putting our customers first. On a personal note one thing I’m “famous” for is my love of the beach, so much so I moved to be closer to the beach year round! 

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Thanks for sharing! The beach sounds great right about now...