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C2C Connect Live: London

  • 31 May 2022
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C2C Connect Live: London
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C2C Live: London - May 26, 2022

...and that’s a wrap!

We started our in-person event series with Paris, then we moved to Munich and finished with London. Three in-person events in one month. Only those that have organized events knows all the work that needs to be done.

Paul - Andy - Michelle - Yasin - Fintan - Josh
(Rock Stars from Left to Right)

A huge thanks to our UK & Ireland Team Leaders:
@PaulRLees@andy.yates@YasinQuareshy@Fintan Murphy@Damsonchar (the photographer 😉) and @sathyaram_s.

The event took place at Google's London office.

Our registration team did everything to help people finish quickly and move from the basement to the 8th floor. A difficult task.

Welcome! 😉

 Our C2C president, flew from Chicago and started our event with his opening talk. Do you know what is community? What are the benefits of a/the community? If not, he is your man. And the C2C Community Managers 😉.

Josh, The President

Then Chris Lindsay, Managing Director, EMEA Customer Engineering, Google Cloud shared some information about Google Cloud plans for EMEA and the UK and Ireland this year.

Chris Lindsay

After Chris, it's time for the main discussion.

Paul Sweeny, CTO of BidFX had a discussion with Stathis Onasoglou, Capital Markets and Asset Management Lead at Google Cloud, discussing BidFX's 5-year journey with GCP.

Paul & Stathis

I really liked the fact that people, our members, asked questions.

Q&A - S1_E1

A great talk should always end with thank-you-swags. 😉

Oh swags, where are you?

Our next speaker was @Kate_AMD , our AMD sponsor. She managed to interact with our members, ask them questions and share AMD gifts. Her talk, although it was technical, it was a happy break, at least for me!

Kate Rules!
Who will answer?
Kate getting her swag 😉

Last but not least, was our DoiT sponsor. James Moore discussed with Paul Oesten-Creasey, CTO of VU.CITY how they worked together to optimize costs, maximize ROI on Google Cloud and accelerate growth. An amazing story! 

Paul and James
(L to R)

The audience asked them a lot of questions and also our speakers asked questions to share swags.

Q&A - S1_E2

But the in-person events are great for networking and… beeralizing!

The event was a hit! Was a success!

Personally I liked the networking 🥰. I had the chance to meet two amazing people

The Greeks
With Carl!

And finally, after 15 months, I met my amazing team in the UK and Ireland!

Love is in the air! 🥰
“terkenlis connecting people” quote by Evi 😂



Do you have any question about Google Cloud, Platform and Workspace?

Do you have any question about the Community?

Do you want to get involved with C2C?

We are here for you!

That’s all folks!




5 replies

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Great event @ilias and it was amazing to see you and @Dimitris Petrakis in person for the first time.

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A great event indeed! And @ilias and I were thrilled to finally meet you @PaulRLees, as well as @andy.yates@Fintan Murphy, @Damsonchar@YasinQuareshy and @stathis.onasoglou


Finally got to meet @josh.berman in person and it was amazing to see @michellegurney again, as always! 😊 

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That’s true @PaulRLees!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo of when we were hugging. As always @Damsonchar only took pictures of what@Fintan Murphy, her boss, did. 😏

I’m just kidding Charlotte! 😂🤣


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Such an excellent event - hats off in particular to Paul Oesten-Creasey from vu.city and Paul Sweeny from BidFX for sharing some really fascinating details about their businesses and how Google Cloud helps them achieve their goals.  They were both so honest about their successes and their challenges, and very candidly answered all questions from the audience - the perfect speakers!

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Update - Slides from the presentations of AMD and VU.City have been attached to @ilias’s first post!

A big thank you to:

  • Kate Bancroft (@Kate_AMD
  • Paul Oesten-Creasy (@PaulOC

for kindly providing us with the slides!