🎄UK&I Holiday Special! 🎄: UK and Ireland Session on 16/12/2021 | C2C Community

🎄UK&I Holiday Special! 🎄: UK and Ireland Session on 16/12/2021

  • 17 December 2021
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The C2C Connect: UK and I group, led by @andy.yates@fintan.murphy@paul.lees and @Damsonchar ​hosted their regular session for Google Cloud customers and professionals located in the UK & Ireland.

This month’s session was a Holiday Special Kahoot Quiz!

Special appearence from:
@ilias as the Quiz Master &

@michellegurney as the Queen of the Game!


60 Minutes Summed Up in 60 Seconds

  1. 30 questions and 15 contestants!

  2. The topics of the questions were GCP & Workspace (of course), movies, Earth, space, animals

  3. Interesting things:

    1. Even before the game started, @ilias was ready to ban all players who disagreed with him that Die Hard is a Christmas movie 🎄 

    2. @Fintan Murphy was talking to Google when he had to change the color of the lights in the room.


    3. @andy.yates played without using his hands, his cell phone, his presence and took 1st place! 🥇


    4. Our members have to see Die Hard again, all 3, and Elf again. It’s their assignment for the Holidays. The percentage of correct answers was disappointing! 😂


    5. We learned that of all the metals, silver is the best conductor. That's why we make silver bullets to kill werewolves 🤣


    6. Neo, Matrix, broke the vase because he thinks that GC is better than Oracle 😁


    7. We learned that the main ingredient of air is nitrogen. An elementary school question, as @Damsonchar mentioned. Only 2 of the contestants have obviously finished primary school! 🤪


    8. The highest known mountain is Olympus. Not in Greece but on Mars. But Mars was an ancient Greek god who lived on Olympus. And now, Olympus is on him. But he lives on that mountain and that mountain is on him… Infinity Loop :rofl:

    9. Working 9-5 did not come from Doly Parton in the 1980s. Although almost everyone agreed that it should. For those who did not agree, @ilias banned them. Finally everyone agreed that the 9-5 started with Dolly Parton! 🤪

    10. @PaulRLees tried to play the game but he got “the eye” from his wife. His translator worked. We missed him from the game but that’s why he will be with us next year 🤣😂


    11. In the Director's Cut of our event, @ilias  revealed to @Damsonchar  and @Fintan Murphy  that he is a Cosplayer, wearing the Bruce Willies - Die Hard (3.0) outfit all year 🤪


Congratulations to all who participated and to our winners who will receive the Swags! 🎁


Our upcoming event is with an amazing person, Carl Tanner. He will talk about Google Cloud Certifications.

👉 Sign up for Carl’s Certification Cavalcade! 💥


🎅 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🤶

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Great update @ilias. Sorry I missed you all but the evening at the theatre was amazing, and worth the wait.



I think I would have been “beheaded” myself if I took part. 😜

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You are a wise men @PaulRLees . Not like… Nick :joy: