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The collective C2C Feedback thread for Google Workspace

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By request of Marco I am formally creating the collective C2C OG’s (and Workspace Power Admins ;)) feedback thread! 

Please use this thread to add, explain, and link to your favorite Google Workspace feature requests for end users, admins, and ~gam lovers~ developers. 

Have fun and collect on! 

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Create a Google Chat API (that is actually useful); And lots of other Chat Feedback

We (and by that I mostly mean my company lol) loove chat. But we also have some biig issue with it. Let me list them here:

  • API/Bot extensibility is limited
    • Yes; you have an Asana bot; but have used the one that comes in Slack?
    • Yes; you have a Google Drive bot; but have you … see above…
    • I would love to replace the Tasks section with Asana (which I’d also love to see on the left hand side) 
    • Add an API for visibility and user management
  • Visibility is awful
    • We cannot see all rooms easily
    • We cannot see who is in rooms w/o being in them
    • We cannot see inside those mysterious hangoutschat* google groups to asses who has access to a file
    • We cannot delete a thread or a room to remove content (w/o using some vault magic)
  • Managing Rooms
    • Users in groups do not get removed from their Rooms once they get kicked out of a Google Group
    • Deleting rooms is not possible
    • Deleting entire threads is not possible
    • Having different access levels to a room would be great (see Shared drives) 
  • Using Rooms
    • I can’t easily link to a Room (@Room or similar in another room or in a Document) 
    • I can’t easily link to a thread 
    • I can’t pin a thread or links or … (would love to see those pins as a tab similar to Files and Tasks)
    • I can’t mark a thread as unread (sent to Inbox is fine, I guess?!)
    • Feature availability is inconsistent (why can’t I search in a specific room on again?) 
    • Notifications have lost value in contrast to Google Hangouts (closed PWA = no notifications at all)
    • Can’t add a task within a thread (new tasks always require now threads = not useful)
    • Can’t pin documents

Yes, we love chat at 22d  :see_no_evil: even if you could assume that we may not lol  
If i come back i’ll probably remember some more feedback points ;) 

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Thanks for starting this conversation! I’ve posted this in a couple of places - but here’s the framework we have been using when thinking about where we’d like to see Chat improve (and we too are *big* fans of Chat):

A few themes emerge in terms of the underlying goals we have:

1) Improved support for users in managing the conversation, and managing their participation - linking to Rooms or threads from elsewhere; moving and splitting threads; removing erroneous @all's, adding @here's; escalation of a conversation from DM to Group to Room, merging Rooms; starred / 'my' threads

2) Helping people get a sense for what's happening in different places across the organisation - Rooms metadata, recent activity, searching for topics (where I've not yet joined a room), thread titles (also as a summary for 'recent conversations in this Room'), deeper integration with CloudSearch and Sites so people can more easily discover conversations they are interested in; Chat in People Companion.

3) Org-wide administration to help signpost what's important, and help ensure everyone stays connected - categorisation and grouping for Rooms, and promotion of key places; stats on Room membership / activity / lifetime, what's the DM / Group / Room split of activity, which cohorts are talking to which other cohorts (in Work Insights) - and where there are gaps. (Ideally we'd like to share this with end-users too)


Beyond this, just today I’ve been in several different conversations where people have been looking at Chat for additional use cases that include both internal and external participants. In these, people called out limitations around moderation (of membership and of conversations), and the ability to embed Chat Rooms into other spaces as being key blockers for them. It seems that there are also limitations on Chat bots when used across the organisational boundaries of multiple Workspace accounts.




-- Andy