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Workspace Admins Event (April 26, 2021) - Reduce Manual Processing with Powerful No-Code Automation for Google Workspace with Zenphi

  • 20 April 2021
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When April 26th 1600 CET/1000 EDT
Where Google Meet (subscribe to calendar) or join us on YouTube Live


Pre-event Q&A Form:

*Reduce Manual Processing with Powerful No-Code Automation for Google Workspace.*Keynote Speakers : Vahid Taslimi Co-Founder & CEO Zenphi, Ex. VP Products Nintex

Join the Workspace Admins team where we will be discussing how Google Admins can Reduce Manual Processing and (and cut back on Non-Google Apps) with No-Code Automation for Google Workspace.

If you need to invite friends or colleagues, please share the signup form:

We will be streaming this event Live on YouTube to handle the 450+ attendees signed up for today's event. If you can't join the Meet link please join via YouTube.

Things we will Cover:

  • Why Google Admins Should Consider No-Code Automation

  • What is Zenphi & how is it different from other solutions on the market

    • Built on GCP for Google Workspace (easily leverage, Google AI, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Directory, Tasks, Google Chat and Gmail)

    • Collaborating with Line of business to create Simple to Complex workflows

    • Easy Integration to Non Google Apps

    • Collaborating with Line of business to Build workflows (zenphi Vaults)

    • zenphi Data Storage, and Security, Workflow monitoring and Reporting

    • zenphi Authorisation – on Google Marketplace

    • zenphi Subscriptions

Zenphi Demo Scenario

Google Workspace HR Onboarding Workflow – Including- Role Approval, Offer Letter generation, and eSignature, Google Forms Equipment request approval, User Provisioning and Management , Delegate Gmail, Google Groups, Scheduling Induction, Reminders, Escalations.

Open Q & A

Edit from @danny.pancratz. Here’s the recording from this event, as shared in the comments lower in this thread:

**Special offer for Google Workspace Admin Audience:**Any Google Workspace Admin audience that quotes #GWA042621 when they sign up for a zenphi trial and then opt for a 12 month subscription will be given a 15 month subscription for the price of 12 month. (Offer ends June 30th, 2021).

When you join:

  • Remember to keep your line muted unless actively speaking. 

  • Queue any questions you have in the chat. We will answer as many as possible during a dedicated Q&A portion.

This Google Meet will be recorded. By joining the meeting, you give consent for audio, video, and any other information shared to be recorded.

General Workspace Admins info and additional resources

View the Google Workspace Admins Public Calendar of upcoming events and/or add it to your list of calendars via email using:

Get access to the Shared drive with documents from this event and other past events along with the collection of Community Docs. Workspace Admins Community Comment Access Group:

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Thank you for ths opportunity @hjkimbrian ! The combination of Google Workspace tools accompanying the event makes a difference in the event organising I've seen so far!

From pre-event Q&A form, public Calendar and Group with Drive access to YouTube option joining the conversation, it is a really impressive event organizing approach! Not to mention the podcast and other channels I may have missed since the Cloud Communities are linked to the announcement.

Looking forward to the event!    


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Thanks @Nina Trankova ! All credits to @steve-c2c. I'm copying and pasting from previous events :) (what would Steve do)

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Recordings of the webinars always available at

Direct link to today’s session here.