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10 Quick Wins To Boost Your Google Workspace Security

  • 17 February 2022
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Hi all


This webinar was well received by the community, and I thought those of you that didn’t watch it can check it out. 



Let me know if you have any questions?

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Thank you @Paulogier & @ilias for the collaboration. 

Here’s a short highlight of the webinar. To get a better understanding of “how” everything needs to be setup, I suggest you watch the full video : )  

Protect your users:

  • Enable 2-step verification for everyone
  • Enable advanced email spam filters and attachment sandboxing
  • Disable legacy protocols POP/IMAP

Protect your data:

  • Enable out-of-domain sharing warning in Drive
  • Disable user ability to install Marketplace and Drive apps
  • Start using Data Protection Insights (and DLP)
  • Audit and revoke externally shared files with Tricent

Protect your domain:

  • Roll out Chrome Endpoint Verification for everyone
  • Handle offline access and Drive desktop access with care
  • Set up Alerts

Keep your Google Workspace safe and sound 


Over and out :v::grin: