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Community Introduction: Gabriel Hoces

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What role do you serve in your current organization?

I’m the Marketing Manager at Tricent, which is SaaS-solution that helps Google Workspace users audit and un-share their files with external collaborators (e.g. Docs, Sheets, Slides, images, videos, etc) 


What's your experience with Google Cloud? 

Limited, but I am keeping myself updated with the latest features and trends. I’ve started some GCP courses for beginners : ) 


What are you “famous” for? 

My marketing collaboration with Google for Education in Scandinavia and the UK, which has led to several successfully co-hosted events, webinars, and guides related to Google-solutions (Jamboard, Chromebook, GSEFE, EdTech trends, etc).   


Karate, but I suppose that’s not really relevant here 😁


What is the #1 result you'd like to get out of this community? 

Connect and collaborate with other Googlers. I’d be happy to help arrange and promote co-hosted webinars, events, and educational material that can benefit Google Workspace users around the world.   


What are you working on right now that we can collectively help with?

I’m working on:

  • Promoting and protecting files collaboration in Google Workspace 

  • Educating businesses on who can view, edit and share their sensitive files

  • Outlining the risks of having stale files, public files (no-login required), and files that never get unshared. 

I’m hoping to collaborate with other C2C members on creating joint events, webinars, content, etc on different topics (e.g. DLP, GAM, Google Drive, etc). 


How can other C2C members best connect with you?


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 :tada::tada:Welcome @Gabriel Hoces :tada::tada:

You can join our Workspace and the UK&I Groups where we talk about Workspace and speak English :grinning:

C2C Connect offers a space for community members to spend 30 minutes every Thursday discussing recent Google Workspace headlines and share their current projects.

When you join, you'll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and share any recent headlines or topics you'd like to discuss with the group.


I like that you are practising Karate. Which style? Is it one of the 4 traditional styles? Have you taken part in fights? Championships? What are your level? Are you Kyu or Dan holder? @PaulRLees is practising and teaching karate as well. He is one of the UK&i core team members.

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Thank you for the warm welcome @ilias :grinning:

I’ve joined all of the recommended groups and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. 

I’ve been practicing Kyokushin for 12 years, and been representing Denmark at various tournaments. I’m a black belt 1. dan. Unfortunately, Covid hasn’t really helped keep the martial art skills up to date.

Oh really, I’d better not brag in such case @PaulRLees :sweat_smile:. Which style are you practicing? 


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That’s really great @Gabriel Hoces!

My best friend Manolis Didakis was a member of the Greek national team in Kyokushin.

As for me, I have practised Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kick Boxing and Aikido. But since 1999 I have been practising Kendo. I would have taken the 6th Dan exam but the lockdown cancelled all events. Well, now, I have to wait. 

We might need a dedicated group for martial arts 😂

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Wow, 5th Dan - you are dangerous then @ilias  :grin: I’ve always wanted to try Aikido and Kendo! Hehe true, a covid martial arts groups wouldn’t be a bad idea.   

I find that most martial arts teaches you to become supportive towards your fellow teammates - and by doing so, you’ll both grow much quicker. I am sure that I’ll find the same here with all other Googlers :) 

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That’s absolutely true @Gabriel Hoces. Martial Arts teaches you to respect and help others. That’s how you can grow as a person!

It is something that C2C is doing here as well. Our members are respecting each other and are helping with their knowledge.

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This community is really great and I’m happy to have met you Gabriel. :smiley:

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@Gabriel Hoces I’ve been practicing shukokai karate for about 15 years, and competed nationally and internationally in the vets category. I am currently 3rd Dan, was supposed to take my 4th Dan in 2020 but COVID put a stop to that. I am however happy to say that I will be re-opening my club this evening to all our under 18s who are allowed back to full training. :raised_hands: 

I also practice in Krav Maga, Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu, and a little MMA, and try to mix it up within our classes.

I agree with @ilias , let’s create a martial arts group. :martial_arts_uniform:


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Definitely @ilias and likewise @chanelgreco :)

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By the way, @Gabriel Hoces, one of our active community members is @chanelgreco. You can find her on Workspace of course but on the UK&I group as well.

Chanel is working with GW just like you and this is one of her YouTube videos

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Happy to have you here, Gabriel! 🎉🎉🎉 

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Thank you, @ChristianNewman. I’m happy to follow all of your Google Workspace updates on LinkedIn :) I find them very useful!