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Drive beta making file folder moves easier.

  • 3 September 2021
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New Drive Beta that support Folder moves to Shared Drives. (Woohoo)


Moving folders from My Drive to a Shared Drive has been a problem, this is due to the Folder ID’s being changed as the move process actually creates a new Folder, and then moves the files. So when admins move folders, the existing folder IDs change, existing links to these folders can break, and impacts on shared drive limits are unclear. Google has just announced a new Drive beta, were folder IDs will not change and moves that can potentially exceed any shared drive limits will be rejected. :clap_tone2:

This beta will add several usability enhancements including: 

  • Retaining folder IDs (“copyless moves”) to reduce disruption due to the move 
  • Preventing moves that would exceed any shared drive limits 
  • Reparenting any unmovable items under the item owner's My Drive root, and creating shortcuts in the existing hierarchy as a reference 

This is a game changer for Google Drive migrations and cross domain migrations of data.



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Heck yeah! Thanks for keeping us in the loop Paul!