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From one Workspace to another, transfer data.

  • 19 November 2022
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Can somebody assist me in moving data between Google workplace accounts?

I have two Google accounts; the one I use for work has a data cap of 30 gigabytes, which quickly exhausts.

The data on the other Worksapace account is limitless.

I was expecting to find a more straightforward approach rather than, for instance, storing Google Photos on a hard drive first before uploading to the unlimited storage. I want to share my website data from one workspace to another. 


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5 replies

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Hi @stephe,

While our members will try to help you, it would be great if you could introduce yourself in the Lounge section using this template. What do you think?


@PaulRLees @alan.muntadas @chanelgreco @Paulogier @Fintan Murphy @Nina Trankova can you help us here? 🤔

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Dear @stephe 


don’t hesitate to contact me directly (MP) as this is one of our main activities that we provide.

Depending on you goal, there are different tools or methods. Is it a permenant move? or just sync of certain data?

the best tool or method will depend on what you are trying to achieve.

best regards



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@stephe check out great for moving data from one account to another, but like @alan.muntadas mentioned there are lots of options depending on your exact use case.

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Hello @stephe ! Please let us know if any of @alan.muntadas 's and @PaulRLees 's recommendations helped you in the end. 


Also, as @ilias said, please do not forget to introduce yourself in the lounge using the aforementioned template! 😎


Welcome to C2C! 😀

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Not sure how you are looking to move the data, whether from email to email and then clean out emails, or from drive to drive and then clean out drive. 

But you can use:

Both these solutions are free. But depends again on what you need to do.