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Gmail Categorizing

  • 4 December 2021
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Hello I'm a university student on Digital Game Design. I couldn't find how to directly reach to tell my advice so I have taken this approach, so sorry for possibly misusing this website.

We get a lot of e-mails from different places each day and the inbox can be overwhelming to face with. My idea is that maybe we can have Gmail automatically categorize our e-mails. We already have spamming system so I am assuming that means that somewhere in the source code there is a method which checks if the e-mail is related or not. We can also create our own folders for categorizing purposes. So it would be extremely helpful if we could maybe tag the related e-mail adres input to guide it to the related folder, so that instead of having lots of e-mails on one folder we could have it in different ones.

I have been using Gmail for 6 or 7 years now and I am really glad for all your hard work, however I didn't come across any property such as this one. If there was such feature implemented, I am very sorry for wasting your time, and I would like you to send me a link where I can learn how to use this. If what I am saying is something new, can you please implement this feature?

Thank you all

PS: Since I don't know how to use this site effectively, I am unsure if I have chosen the correct topic location and tags. I won't be able to control of this post has reached its goal due to my tight working schedule. I bet you all are working hard as well, so this is just humble request to you all. In any case I am writing down the informations I have selected:

Topic Loc.: C2C platform support and feedback

Tags: Google workspace

Thanks again


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Hi @Gokul welcome to the community!, we are happy to have you here!

I’m attaching here a couple of articles about using labels, filters and rules to organize Gmail that maybe will be of use to you.

Gmail: Advanced tips, Automatically label and sort messages

Create rules to filter your emails


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  1. Organizing Gmail messages with hierarchical labels.
  2. Creating filter rules to categorise emails automatically.