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Google Duo vs. Google Meet

  • 9 September 2021
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In the coffee chat today, the topic of Duo vs. Meet came up. One is meant to be for personal use, and one is meant to be for business use. Now that Meet is free for everyone, who here is still going to use Duo? 


Meet or Duo for your personal life?

3 replies

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I have never used Duo as Meet gives me all that I need, why would I use another app to do the same thing

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Duo needs to die! Google needs to sort out its naming conventions and streamline their products into 1 per use. Love their products, but having to change how we refer to stuff, like rooms to is frustrating!

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@grahami my thoughts exactly! @Paulogier I totally agree--the change management situation is not good. I know many people who still say “Google Suite”!