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Google Workspace for the Public Sector events

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Just read this article.

There are about 10 Google Workspace events, they will be available for on-demand viewing immediately following each live broadcast, were we can learn about Google Workspace tips and tricks to help us get things done.

Image source: Google Cloud Blog

Who is going to attend them? @Nina Trankova, @chanelgreco, @PaulRLees, @alan.muntadas 

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Very timely schedule @ilias  Thank you for guidance to these resources! Thank you for tagging me.

It's excellent that Google added a  watch on demand option because I intend to recommend the Government Enterprise to the new members of Parliament. I'll attend 5 things to know about Google Workspace Enterprise for Governments. We are having Parliamentary elections next month where hopefully a transition of generations will start innovating the state administration. The discussion panel about  Cyber security order part of this webinar "Enabling Workplace Productivity in a Work-from-Anywhere World" is on point and not to be missed. I'm always taking the big picture or highest standards as a hint to best practices applicable to other entities therefore such discussions are essential. 

Provided Internet Governance in Europe (for example Art. 17 ref copyright) and more forthcoming regulations, see Future Europe  I would love to observe the Google Workspace expanding in the public sector. 

I'm going to save all to a dedicated playlist. The Google Workspace for Nonprofits is still very underrated in my opinion. I find Facebook's dependencies the main reason for this. 

From the Education topical events Google Workspace for Education Plus Trial Checklist caught my attention. That's a great idea about an actionable practice. 

I'd like to read which events are if interest to others? 







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Thank you for your post @Nina Trankova

Yes, the on demand option helps a lot. There were many times that I couldn’t attend an event and did it next day.

I’ll be waiting to read your post on your Parlament “project” and your thoughts after attending the 5 things to know about Google Workspace Enterprise for Governments.